49 Facts About Modern-Day Sins You Might Have Missed

It’s Black Friday weekend – and that means a lot of new faces! Some of you may have already heard about our exciting new studio releasing soon, but in case you haven’t – or you’re just Greedy for more information about the upcoming launch – we don’t blame you! 

Between 7 sites, multiple sexual preferences, and weekly reveals and teases, there’s a lot to keep track of. So we’ve made you a cheat sheet! Here are 7 facts each about the 7 most important things you’ll want to know about Modern-Day Sins.

Modern-Day Sins’ SITE LAUNCH will be…

  • …on January 1st, 2022
  • …available to subscribe at ModernDaySins.com or already included as part of any Adult Time subscription package
  • …releasing with 7 scenes (1 for each sin)
  • …spanning across all sexual preferences so there’s something for all tastes
  • …releasing with 3 straight, 1 lesbian, 1 trans, 1 bisexual and 1 gay scenes to start
  • …teased for seven weeks leading up to launch, with more information, site reveals, and content previews being shared every week
  • …just the beginning of an ongoing new studio!


Modern-Day Sins’ NEW RELEASES will be…

  • …every Sunday starting January 9th
  • …spread evenly among the 7 sins
  • …always including 1x straight new release
  • …sometimes including 1x additional new release from another sexual preference (lesbian, trans, bisexual, or gay)
  • …able to be curated in your feed by using our content preferences center to hide any of the sexual preferences or categories you aren’t interested in
  • … available as long as you are subscribed to any Adult Time studio, including ModernDaySins.com
  • …a whole new reason to skip church and sin instead 😉

Modern-Day Sins’ CONTENT THEMES will be…

  • …based around popular porn stories and sex acts
  • …our own spin on the infamous 7 Sins of gluttony, pride, greed, lust, wrath, sloth, and envy
  • …relatable, modern-day tales of sin and temptation in everyday situations
  • …dramatic in tone, but not edgy or controversial
  • … dedicated to showcasing wild sex acts and positions
  • …spread across 7 central themes, but with plenty of potential for the themes to overlap in individual episodes
  • …unveiled one week at a time (so far we’ve revealed two themes – Cum Gluttons and Proud Pervs – and we’ll be revealing our Greed-themed site on Monday!)

Modern-Day Sins’ SEX will be…

  • …raunchy, intense, and high-energy
  • …focused on ambitious sex acts and positions – moreso than we’ve ever attempted before
  • …drawing from the most-requested, most-searched, and most-watched sex acts on our platform
  • …varied, unique and fresh each time, even between two episodes featuring the same sex acts
  • …recognizable across all 7 sites for its signature of heavy kissing, touching, and eye contact
  • …an eye-catching and head-turning contrast between the brand’s luxurious aesthetic and its salacious sex
  • …dripping with chemistry from performers bringing their A-game to every shoot


Modern-Day Sins’ CAST & CHARACTERS will be…

  • …stacked with top industry names known for explosive sex performances
  • …styled to look like their most luxurious, sophisticated selves
  • …acting as heightened, dramatic depictions of today’s sinners facing modern temptations
  • …remaining in-character during the action with plenty of verbal and suspenseful story moments mid-sex
  • …promoting female-positive and sex-positive portrayals that are enthusiastic and consenting
  • …committed to casting and characters that are racially diverse and culturally respectful
  • …revealed more and more each week as cast lists and content previews continue!

Modern-Day Sins’ TEASER CAMPAIGN will be…

  • …7 weeks of promotion starting November 15th and leading up to the January 1st official launch
  • …revealing the name and theme of one of the 7 sin-inspired sites every week
  • …teasing all sorts of content previews such as photos, video clips, cast lists, episode titles, and more
  • … kicking off each Monday with the main announcement but continuing with more previews throughout the week
  • …sprinkled with guest appearances from our cast on social media as they share their own sinful moments and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks
  • …bursting with fun ways for you to participate such as Spotify playlists, polls, discussion topics, and even a quiz to find out which of the 7 Sins you are!
  • …happening on our Twitter, Instagram, blog, newsletter (which you can sign up for now at ModernDaySins.com) and in digital press outlets – make sure to check them all weekly to not miss out on the latest news!

And lastly, Modern-Day Sins WILL BE known for its…

  • … luxurious visuals
  • … debaucherous sex
  • … shameless characters
  • … desperate mood
  • … outrageous stories
  • … indulgent attitude
  • … modern twist on sins as old as time.


Got any questions we didn’t cover here? Ask in the comments below!

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13 days ago

Is this replacing puretaboo?

Eric Falardeau
Eric Falardeau
Reply to  Tabooguy
11 days ago

Nope. It is a new studio.

1 month ago

Sounds amazing and exciting to me…. I can always wash the sin off.. happy to propose ideas on dm… sign me up!

1 month ago

Will there be lots of Orgies?

Reply to  Zane69
1 month ago

We will have lots of threesomes and occasional foursomes on Modern-Day Sins! Probably not as many orgies or gangbangs but “never say never”.

1 month ago

I’m the first in! 🙂 Any teaser trailers coming out? Also, any genres that this series will specialize in.

I’m a lust, btw. 🙂

Reply to  user_23821411
1 month ago

Our plan is for each teaser week to snowball in hype and excitement, so that we unveil more and bigger reveals every week. At the moment we’ve only revealed a small video clip on our Twitter as an appetizer (https://twitter.com/ModernDaySins/status/1461725959099461637) but you can bet that more video previews will be coming up as we get closer to launch – including one BIG gift you’ll have to wait until next week to unwrap!

Jake Allen
Jake Allen
1 month ago

I would like to see performers like Lacy Lennon, ,Payton preslee, Spencer Bradley,Madison Morgan and Spencer Scott.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jake Allen
Jake Allen
Jake Allen
1 month ago

This is going to be so great.Spanning across all sexual preferences so there’s something for all tastes is awesome.I would like to see pegging scenes sometimes. I hope this site really is dedicated to showcasing wild sex acts and positions full of heavy kissing, intense and high-energy. Good stories also.

1 month ago

Sounds lovely! One thing I’m curious about is how will this differ from PureTaboo. I’m expecting different filming style (more colorful tones, different clothes, other vibe). It look like you guys are trying to implement some of the things your fanbase has told you about many times before (the staying in character problem, for example).

I have two questions though!

1) You said “shameless characters” and “enthusiastic and consenting”. Does that imply no reluctance-like scenarios (non-consensual becoming consensual)?

2) Will this site content be about debaucherous/flamboyant people having sex or normal people discovering their debaucherous side? In my mind “relatable, modern-day tales of sin and temptation in everyday situations” and “charactes looking luxurious & sophisticated” are somehow contradicting notions in my head.

Anyway guys, great job! I just can’t wait too see what is it about.

Reply to  Carapheus
1 month ago

Hi Carapheus,

I think when more video previews start to go live, you’ll see there’s not much in common with Pure Taboo besides maybe some overlap in story themes. Pure Taboo has a very specific aesthetic (muted colors, handheld camera, mundane wardrobe) and a very specific tone (inspired by psychological thrillers, horror movies and crime dramas) that will remain unique to the product. Modern-Day Sins will have a very different, luxury aesthetic and more neutral storytelling tone, and will also push the sex in a different, “larger than life” direction than the more realistic depictions of sex that Pure Taboo viewers have come to expect.

To answer your other questions:

1) Correct, we will not be tackling reluctance scenarios in Modern-Day Sins. (Rarely we may tackle gullibility and tricking, but not to the level you’d expect to find on Pure Taboo.)

2) It’s a little of both and a little of neither? More specifically, it’s about everyman and everywoman protagonists (you might even call them “audience avatars”) who enthusiastically indulge in sinful sexual situations that most people in real life would be too shy, embarrassed, or moral to pursue. In that way it’s both a relateable fantasy (to imagine yourself in such a situation) but also an idealistic depiction of that fantasy (where the sex is wilder, the mood is more titillating and the people are styled to look their most luxurious).

Hope that gives you a bit more insight into how we hope to present Modern-Day Sins to the world, but feel free to ask any more questions that come to mind! And in case it’s still not clicking for you, be sure to stay tuned – you won’t have much longer to wait before you get a big, BIG taste of what to expect for January 1st’s launch 🙂

1 month ago

This sounds pretty awesome. Will this be available as a regular AdultTime member?

Reply to  SoxMike
1 month ago

Absolutely! When you log in on January 1st, you’ll have all 7 launch scenes waiting for you on your homepage 😉

1 month ago

Interesting. Cant wait for the launch day!

1 month ago

I originally joined girlsway… and sometimes I miss the days where I could direct my money to the content I enjoy.. now i only get a 7th, since the rest is going to genres I dont really care for… on top of that more and more of the GG content is recycled scenes from other Gamma studios sites.. hopefully this will improve once the pandemic is over..

Reply to  user_23589727
1 month ago

Hi user_23589727 – if it helps to think of it this way instead, please remember: even though it may seem like you are missing out on the full value of Modern-Day Sins because it’s not all lesbian content, it’s still extra lesbian updates in 2022 that subscribers didn’t have in 2021. So it is still a net gain of content releases this year for lesbian fans. We are hoping to do more of this in the future, increasing the amount of new launches that benefit ALL subscribers instead of just one subset. That way everyone gets a chance to get excited when a new project is announced.