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Innovating Intimacy: How Is Porn Evolving (And Us With It)?

Written by Frank Stacy Porn has changed a lot across the decades. Some of those changes might be surface-level – higher video quality, new flavor-of-the-month trends and tropes, the stars of yesteryear retire as new starlets rise up to take their place… …but other changes are more quietly impactful and reflective of cultural shifts: a […]

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Porn Done EVEN MORE Differently

Written by 3XWest Depending on how long you’ve been following along with us on Adult Time’s journey – or even just this month’s series of articles spotlighting our history and origins – you might be sick by now of hearing us repeat our slogan “Porn Done Differently”. But we just can’t help ourselves! We’re proud […]

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Turning Data Into Decisions: We Said “Lez Be Bold”

Written by 3XWest We’ve talked a lot over the past 4 weeks about where our ideas for new series and films come from – whether it be a labor of love from a passionate creator with a message to say; an attempt to shake up the porn industry and challenge the status quo; a leap […]

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Autobiography In Adult: Bree Mills’ Story From Teen To Screen

Written by BREE MILLS If you had told the Bree of twenty years ago that there would be a porn film made about her life story, she would never have believed you. In some ways, I still can’t believe that it happened, it’s so surreal! But I’ve always believed that porn could, and should, be […]

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Pushing Boundaries By Taking Taboos Seriously

Written by 3XWEST Pure Taboo – our most notorious series. It’s as polarizing as it is popular, as compelling as it is controversial, and as shrewd as it is lewd. Whatever your thoughts are about Pure Taboo, you can’t deny you HAVE thought about it – and that was always the goal. To encourage discourse, […]

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A Win-Win-Win Solution: How Adult Time’s Partnerships Help EVERYONE!

Written by Frank Stacy You might have stumbled upon the words “partner content” or “licensed content” once or twice on Adult Time’s platform, or heard us use it in our communications with members, and wondered what exactly it meant in the context of our adult entertainment catalog. Well wonder no longer! We’re here to provide […]

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The Unstoppable Rise Of Futanari Fandom

Written by FRANK STACY AND 3XWEST “Rise Up And Fight!” – This was the rallying cry not just for the main characters of the sole-of-its-kind hentai phenomenon F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad, but also the rallying cry for futanari fans to make their voices heard and their love of this genre known. And trust me, we heard […]

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Our Most Mature Series Only Gets Better With Age…

Written by 3X West “She’s aged like a fine wine.” We say that about beautiful mature women all the time… so why not about mature products too! Y’see, some products (not just in porn but in everyday life too) might peak early, seeing their highest sales when they first are announced. Hype is high, ads […]

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Yes Please!: Consent Discussions In Porn

Written by DANAE MUCINO Lights, camera, CONSENT, action!  In the realm of adult entertainment, where fantasies manifest on screen, there’s a group of backstage heroes ensuring that every moment is not only scorching but also safe and consensual. One of them is me! Danae – the production operations manager dedicated to accentuating the positive, especially […]

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A Fap-Tastic Formula For Content

Written by 3XWEST The exercise of deciding what kind of porn to shoot is a rewarding, challenging, and endlessly evolving practice. Especially when you’re not just making that decision once, but over and over again as you continue to produce and release an ongoing schedule of videos for a growing audience. As your brand becomes […]

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