A Fap-Tastic Formula For Content

Written by 3XWEST

The exercise of deciding what kind of porn to shoot is a rewarding, challenging, and endlessly evolving practice. Especially when you’re not just making that decision once, but over and over again as you continue to produce and release an ongoing schedule of videos for a growing audience. As your brand becomes known for producing a certain genre or style of content, you will (if you’re lucky) start to develop a fanbase for it, who then have a certain understanding that you’ll continue to produce similar content in the future. This creates a cyclical relationship between the studio and the consumer, a delicate balance where expectations ought to be met release after release while simultaneously not becoming too formulaic or boring.

When you look at professionally produced, studio-shot porn from the past decade, there are two common philosophies for keeping audiences hooked on your content month after month: the variety approach, vs. the consistency approach.

Studios that ascribe to the variety approach, are ones who aim to create content that never repeats the exact same thing twice – unique stories or themes that are either totally original or new twists on old favorites. Many Adult Time series like Pure Taboo, Girlsway, and Transfixed, as well as quite a few industry juggernauts like Brazzers, Wicked, Naughty America, and more seek to fill their catalogs with as many stand-alone hits as they can come up with, attracting viewers who are always looking for something fresh and exciting.

However, the consistency approach has just as much merit and appeals to a slightly different demographic of customer. Plenty of us have our “usual order” at the local restaurant, or enjoy the reliable comfort of procedural dramas and situation comedies on TV that follow the same structure and pacing every episode. For these types of porn consumers, whose tastes are unwavering, they prefer a steady stream of strong content that scratches that same itch over and over. Sites such as Bangbus, Bratty Sis, Property Sex, and our dear own Nuru Massage have thrived through developing a winning formula and then executing successfully on it for as long as they continue to update.

For a long time, the majority of the studios and series that we developed here at Adult Time fell into the former category. We placed – and continue to place – a lot of importance on creating story-driven content that feels fresh, dynamic, trendy, original, and varied. But as Adult Time has grown, our needs have evolved and so too have new opportunities presented themselves. As we began launching more new series, and increasing our overall output of original productions, we needed to be able to scale up our operations – including on the writing and planning side of things. We were in the growing pains phase of our writing team’s development where we needed to either come up with some clever solutions to increase our efficiency, or else massively overhaul the pre-production processes we had set in place. 

At the same time, we were sitting on a hidden strength of Adult Time’s business model that we were not yet leveraging to its full potential – an unprecedentedly more agile capacity to launch new series than we ever had access to prior. Since we no longer needed to go through a lengthy or financially risky launch period for a new product every time we decided to branch out our content, we could be much more assertive with developing new series. Our only criteria were that these would need to enhance the membership experience for audiences, and they would have to offer something that our existing series didn’t already offer. Dedicated series centered around a specific theme or niche were especially appealing, since it also gave us the opportunity to reach new audiences.

Then one day, suddenly something clicked – a solution to streamline the pre-production for certain scripts while also giving us a vehicle for our next new flavor of content.  We had been observing for a while that “caught” themes were very reliably popular, both on our own platform and on various tube sites, and were eager to produce more. Until then, we had been greenlighting these types of stories once in a while into our existing series – episodes such as Girlsway’s “Nothing To Be Ashamed Of” and Fantasy Massage’s “Mom’s Nuru Secret”, for example. But what if, instead of sprinkling these concepts here and there across our various IPs, we launched a brand new series that’s 100% dedicated to it? And what if, instead of coming up with full scripts every time, we leaned more into consistently capturing the essence of the caught appeal – the building masturbatory anticipation, the signature “caught” moment, the charmingly awkward aftermath… if these ingredients were honed to perfection every time, perhaps we didn’t need a different script every shoot since the core fantasy was always preserved. If we had a strong formula, we could replicate it again and again while still delivering top-quality content.

The idea seemed too good to be true… but things in fact only got better from there. We soon discovered that there were several OTHER benefits to this approach that we hadn’t even considered. For one thing, the concept proved to be perfect for testing and vetting new crews: the story structure was simple but with lots of creative freedom to expand, the instructions were easy to communicate and gauge how well they were followed, and the final product was near-guaranteed to always turn out on-brand regardless of who directed it. Furthermore, we slowly started to realize that the concept was really undemanding on production – no specialty props, wardrobe, or locations were needed to be planned around. Unlike the majority of our scripts, the casting could accommodate virtually anyone in the roles, regardless of age, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, or what-have-you… All of this meant that we could do things with this series that we never could before: such as shooting a spontaneous episode around a fan-favorite performer’s sudden availability, or using the concept as a back-up to salvage a production in case a script fell through for some reason. 


It was a complete game-changer for us, a totally different way of thinking about our series at both a philosophical and operational level that was so unlike our usual methods. We knew it wouldn’t work for every series (the Pure Taboos, Girlsways, and Transfixeds of our catalog were beloved for their rich storytelling, after all). But there surely was no reason there couldn’t be room on Adult Time for both – some products that appeal more to customers who crave variety, and other products that appeal more to customers who crave consistency. Deciding which approach fits better when conceptualizing new series, and striking a healthy balance between the two, has allowed us to scale up our content output without needing to make any compromises in how we write scripts for our other brands.

Caught Fapping’s winning recipe has given rise to plenty of noteworthy successors. Series like “Watch You Cheat”, “Kiss Me / Fuck Me”, “Dare We Share?”, and “My Younger Lover” employ the same strategy while exploring various ever-popular themes.  Others, like “MILF Overload” and “Jerk Buddies”, take a hybrid approach where the stories are scripted but some familiar elements remain the same in every scene. Because in a perfect world, members shouldn’t have to choose. We want to give our loyal fans the best of both worlds – the consistent quality they expect, and the exciting variety they appreciate. Figuring it out may not be an exact science, but that isn’t going to stop us from trying to crack the code one formula at a time!


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