Introducing Heteroflexible: Adult Time’s New Gay Flagship Studio

Adult Time is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever gay flagship studio, Heteroflexible, catering to gay-curious audiences. Within the studio, you’ll find three ongoing series. The primary focus lies on “Femboyish,” the first professionally shot adult series entirely dedicated to femboys. Heteroflexible also offers a continuation of Adult Time’s original gay series “Jerk […]

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New Adult Time Series: Daddy’s Boy

Adult Time has just released a tantalizing new series as part of our original gay programming, Daddy’s Boy. This series features older/younger pairings against the popular backdrop of taboo family roleplay scenarios! Naughty stepdads develop hidden attractions for their nubile stepsons (or vice versa) and gradually seduce their family member into naughty forbidden sex. “When […]

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Adult Time’s First Original Gay Series ‘Jerk Buddies’ Is Now Playing!

Adult Time’s first original gay series, Jerk Buddies, was released today as part of our new original gay programming! Watch compelling stories of “straight guys” turning gay for their best friends… masturbating side-by-side, convincing themselves and each other using flimsy excuses to justify their curiosity. Keep an eye open because several new gay series are […]

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