New Adult Time Series: Daddy’s Boy

Adult Time has just released a tantalizing new series as part of our original gay programming, Daddy’s Boy. This series features older/younger pairings against the popular backdrop of taboo family roleplay scenarios! Naughty stepdads develop hidden attractions for their nubile stepsons (or vice versa) and gradually seduce their family member into naughty forbidden sex.

“When brainstorming ideas for Adult Time gay original series, ‘Daddy’s Boy’ was one of the first ideas that popped up and we all felt very enthusiastic about it”, says Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s Director of Marketing. “After many years, ‘Mommy’s Girl’ remains one of the primary entry doors for lesbian fans on Girlsway, and the straight version of it, ‘Mommy’s Boy’ has been received with quite the acclaim by fans. So proposing a gay twist on the idea seemed like a sure bet!”

The first episode is now online. Killian Knox and Asher Day star in Teaching His Boy To Catch, giving new meaning to “take me out to the ball game”!

Daddy’s Boy is the second gay-focused series released by Adult Time in the last few weeks, after the launch of Jerk Buddies in September. New series are planned for the next few months.

Start watching Daddy’s Boy now!

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Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
1 year ago

Personally, I am loving AdultTime’s gay content so I say Bring It On!

Reply to  Kevin Jones
11 months ago

I love it also

1 year ago

So we got Mommy’s Girl, Mommy’s Boy, Daddy’s Boy, but no Daddy’s Girl, why is that? Too creepy and misogynist?

It’s not really my thing, but at this point you might as well address the elephant in the room that’s been sitting there since the Mommy’s Girl brand first existed.

1 year ago

Please make more lesbian series