Adult Time Spotlights Pineapple Support

Since their founding in 2018, Adult Time has been a proud sponsor of Pineapple Support, a non profit organization offering all persons working within the adult online entertainment industry with free, anonymous, 24/7 online emotional support, subsidized professional counselling, and access to sex worker friendly, kink aware therapists.  

This is an incredibly important service and, in honor of World Mental Health Day, we want to help spread the word so you can also show your support as a fan of adult entertainment and its many creators. 

What Pineapple Support Provides:

Access to Therapy

Pineapple Support believes that mental health care should be available to everyone, including sex workers who often face discrimination, judgement and stigma.  This is why they have made it their passion to offer free and subsidized professional mental health care to all performers, producers, and crew members working in the adult industry who need support.  They have assembled a network of independent therapists who are sex positive, kink aware and sex worker friendly.  

Support Groups and Workshops

Pineapple Support offers commitment free, drop-in support groups, alongside scheduled topical support sessions and monthly webinars featuring a range of industry therapists and experts.  

24/7 Emotional Support

Pineapple Support’s online emotional support service is a free online text platform which allows industry members to anonymously connect with trained listeners who provide support for everyday issues, including mental health.   

Adult Time’s Commitment:

In addition to being a silver level sponsor, Adult Time has partnered up with Pineapple Support to produce their annual PSA video campaign which will be released at the end of 2022 across our mutual platforms.  We also distribute vital information about their services to our talent and will be working with them to develop dedicated crew training sessions so we can continue to foster positive on-set spaces. 

How You Can Help!

Please visit Pineapple Support’s website to learn more about their services and how you can help support our collective mission to elevate our industry and create safe, caring environments in which every performer can thrive!

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1 year ago

Your production team for Girlsway is terrible.
Whoever is doing casting and booking decision is doing a horrible job.
You book terrible girls who can’t kiss and have no passion:
Coco Lovelock, Maya Woulfe, Alexia Anders, Aften Opal, Hazel Moore

1 year ago

This is a great initiative. I have tried to join Pineapple Support as a “Mango Member”, but the payment/registration on the paywall doesn’t go through for me. Not sure why, perhaps because I live outside the U.S. and have a non-U.S. Visa card? Will try again.