Introducing Heteroflexible: Adult Time’s New Gay Flagship Studio

Adult Time is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever gay flagship studio, Heteroflexible, catering to gay-curious audiences.

Within the studio, you’ll find three ongoing series. The primary focus lies on “Femboyish,” the first professionally shot adult series entirely dedicated to femboys. Heteroflexible also offers a continuation of Adult Time’s original gay series “Jerk Buddies,” where straight men explore side-by-side and mutual masturbation. Lastly, fans can anticipate the enlightening solo series “How Men Orgasm,” featuring male performers (both straight and gay) in a fresh perspective. This spin-off stems from the successful “How Women Orgasm” series, directed by Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills.

“We have been working over a year preparing for this launch,” says Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s marketing director. “When we began experimenting with gay content last year, our intention was always to release a flagship studio for gay content, associated with Adult Time. I’m happy with the direction we are taking, as I believe this is something unique in the adult entertainment landscape.”

Heteroflexible is the result of meticulous planning and preparation. We recognized the need for a dedicated space that caters to the desires of gay-curious straight individuals, and we are proud to fulfill that need.

“In the last few years, the interest for trans content and gender-bending offerings within the Adult Time platform has skyrocketed,” Stacy shares. “We are seeing a genuine increase in cross-viewership between various sexual preferences. The reaction to our new ‘Femboyish’ content has been extremely positive among fans of gay, straight, trans, and even lesbian content.”

Join us in embracing a new era of gay exploration with Heteroflexible. Whether you identify as gay, straight, or anywhere in between, our diverse and captivating content is sure to ignite your imagination and satisfy your curiosity. Welcome to Heteroflexible, where pleasure knows no limits!

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