A Win-Win-Win Solution: How Adult Time’s Partnerships Help EVERYONE!

Written by Frank Stacy

You might have stumbled upon the words “partner content” or “licensed content” once or twice on Adult Time’s platform, or heard us use it in our communications with members, and wondered what exactly it meant in the context of our adult entertainment catalog.

Well wonder no longer! We’re here to provide a snappy and informative guide explaining how Adult Time partners with other content creators throughout the industry, big and small, to showcase a wide variety of different kinds of porn – giving subscribers unparalleled access to a rich, diverse library of videos to enjoy.


Q: Why does Adult Time include any content that isn’t exclusive to your platform?

A: Because it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for everyone involved:

  • Our customers benefit from the added volume and update frequency these additional releases provide
  • We at Adult Time benefit from being able to supplement our original content with a hand-picked selection of top videos and channels, licensed to us by the studio or creator we’ve partnered with
  • Our partners benefit from the added visibility and brand promotion that comes from platforming their content to so many extra eyeballs, as well as being able to enjoy a windfall of passive income from re-monetizing their past content through us

As you can see, we each get something great out of the arrangement, making it a “win” for everyone involved! 

In fact, we ran a survey in 2023 to better understand our members’ opinions towards having these added releases on Adult Time, and the results were OVERWHELMINGLY positive – over 90% of respondents agreed that having access to partner content brought added value to their subscription, and over 80% said they were just as likely to check out partner releases as our originals when checking out the latest updates, browsing content recommendations, or searching for a specific keyword or category. 

Clearly, our subscribers greatly value the benefits that these partnerships have brought to the Adult Time experience, and so we soldier onward to try to secure you the best of what’s out there in the porn world – both through our own original productions, and these partnerships!

Q: Why do older releases I’ve seen before on other sites show up as “new releases” on Adult Time?

A: Anytime we partner with a creator or studio, we receive a number of videos from them to introduce to our platform and members. These are generally not their newest updates, but rather a carefully hand-picked collection of strong content starring popular stars that gives viewers a good taste of what their brand is all about.

Since these videos are new to the majority of our customers, who might not have subscriptions to other porn sites or fan platforms, these releases are new for most of our members (and for us) and so we categorize them to go live as “new releases” on Adult Time.

Furthermore, we are very committed to giving this content a proper spotlight and reaching the widest audience possible through these partnerships. A video will always get its biggest viewership during the first few days of its release, so in order to give every partner their time in the sun, we release the collection gradually over several weeks or months to give subscribers time to discover and appreciate these releases to their fullest.

Q: Why does Adult Time only have some of the videos from a channel, and not the whole catalog that’s available elsewhere?

A: Our partnerships are typically not designed to grant full access to the entire content library of other studios or creators, but rather offer a tantalizing sampling of the full experience you can get by supporting our partners by subscribing to their official platforms. In this way, we are not taking anything away from their own ventures’ success, but simply supplementing their own efforts to grow their brands by giving them an extra venue to attract audiences.

There are some exceptions, such as special partnerships or product acquisitions that result in an entire catalog joining the Adult Time family, but these are generally the exception and not the rule.

Q: Why was my favorite channel or video removed? It used to be on Adult Time, but now it isn’t.

A: Each of our partnerships is a unique agreement made between us and the studio or creator who owns the content. These agreements will often include special terms and conditions made by one or both parties, such as how long the content will remain on our platform, how much of their catalog we are allowed to keep live at any given time, how the content should comply with our most up-to-date rules and guidelines, and more.

As a result, sometimes partner content might get removed from our platform for any number of reasons, such as the license agreement expiring, older videos getting swapped out to make room for newer ones, logistical issues with a video that requires it to be taken down, or similar.

In short, think of it like your favorite streaming services like Netflix or Hulu – many of the films and series they host on their platforms are not their own originals, and often come and go from the platform over the course of months or years. Our own partnerships on Adult Time are much the same way, giving fans a window to enjoy these channels for a time while always introducing new ones to whet your appetite.

Q: Why don’t you have [X] site or channel on Adult Time? Can you add it?

A: We can certainly try! Please keep in mind that not all studios and creators are interested in these kinds of partnerships. Some prefer to keep their content exclusive to their site only, while others might find the license agreement payouts to be lucrative enough to be worth pursuing. And on our end, some productions might not fully comply with our standards, or the product itself might not be a good fit for our brand values or appeal to our customer base. As much as we’d love to be the one-stop shop for as many porn consumers as possible, we recognize that we’re never going to be a global porn hub (pun intended) that hosts every site and creator on this big wide world. We’d rather cement ourselves as being known for having a premium-quality, highly-appealing and well-curated library of porn masterpieces better than you can find anywhere else.

Q: How can I tell what is original to Adult Time and what is licensed/partner content?

A: Great question! We have a handy category tag specifically for “Adult Time Originals” that you can select to filter your content feed to only display our original content, if you’re only interested in browsing channels and videos that are exclusive to our platform. Furthermore, you might have noticed a handy little Adult Time icon next to some releases but not others – this badge can tell you at-a-glance whether a video is an Adult Time Original, or was provided by one of our partners.

Q: I’m not currently a subscriber to Adult Time. Besides your original content, which interesting sites or channels do you have on your platform?

A: The list is always changing, as we seek to grow our relationships with the best players in the adult industry and entice them to come aboard as new prospective partnerships. But at the time of writing, here are some of the fan-favorite partners whose content we have on offer, as well as some hidden gems of uniquely different brands that are unlike anything you’d typically find elsewhere – maybe you’ll spot one or two of them from the list that help convince you to give our subscription a try!

Vixen, Tushy & Blacked
My Pervy Family
Evil Angel
Girlfriends Films
Taboo Heat
MetArt Network
Sex Art
Adam & Eve Pictures
Helix Studios
Lethal Hardcore
Disruptive Films
Girls Rimming
New Sensations
Sweetheart Video
Noir Male
Ricky’s Room
Filthy Kings
Naked Sword

Click here to watch a full scene from our partner, MixedX!

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