What’s Coming in May 2022

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in May 2022. We hope you enjoy them!


May 1 – Modern-Day Sins – Anal Envy: Double Second Chance

Why watch?  A super hot DP with Jane Wilde!

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Featuring: Jane Wilde, Air Thugger, Alex Mack

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A woman invites two exes to her house. Although both exes are hopeful for another chance of romance with the woman, she dashes their hopes. She reveals that she simply wants to try some kinky sex acts, no strings attached, and she picked them since she trusts them because they were two of her best boyfriends from her past. The exes are disappointed but give in to her idea for a threesome, knowing they might never get another chance to be with her, even if it’s not exactly how they wanted it to be.


May 3 – ASMR Fantasy – Hair Stylists Give You Personal Attention

Why watch?  The sight and sound of lesbian sex with gorgeous women will stimulate all your tingles!

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Featuring: Elena Koshka, Bunny Colby

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Seems like you’ve arrived early to your hair appointment, but don’t worry- just sit back and relax. Your two stylists will be with you in a moment, they just have to finish giving each other some intimate, sensual treatments. While you’re here, maybe you’d like to watch?


May 6 – Hentai Sex School – 2nd Semester Episode 8: Blitz’s Break

Why watch? The first bisex episode of the beloved animated series!

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Featuring: April O’Neil, Wolf Hudson, Jake Adams, Kira Noir, Dante Colle, David Heyck

Content type: Bisex

Synopsis: It’s time for some fun, as the Hentai Sex School students celebrate school break with their annual cultural festival! This year includes a special treat, because they’re having a cultural exchange program with Yaoi School For Boys, which specializes in gay sex. But Blitz seems to have confusing feelings around the visiting students from the other school, especially the handsome athletic student. The athlete offers to teach Blitz about gay sex, but he declines. However, later on Blitz confides in Penny that his confused feelings are really getting to him. Penny offers to join Blitz in a bisexual threesome with the athlete if that would help Blitz sort out his feelings, and Blitz agrees. Through this sexy threesome, Blitz learns something new about himself, and the athlete tells him that he’d be welcome at Yaoi School For Boys…


May 8 – Couple Swapping – Broad Games

Why watch? 4 beautiful women who can’t resist each other, need we say more?

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Featuring: Haley Spades, Lily Larimar, Paige Owens, Vanessa Vega

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Two lesbian couples are trying something new for the very first time: couple swapping! But they’re a little nervous, so they ease themselves into the experience by playing some board games together first. But as the games heat up, so do they, and it isn’t long before the REAL fun begins.


May 9 – Unparental Guidance (4 episodes)
How Couples Show Their Love

Subscribers: Check it out here


Perfectly Natural

Subscribers: Check it out here


The Right Way To Treat Her

Subscribers: Check it out here


It’s Different With Two Women

Subscribers: Check it out here

Why watch?  This Adult Time Pilot is an immersive, unique & twisted family roleplay experience.

Featuring: Dee Williams, Brad Newman, Reagan Foxx, Kendra James, Dahlia Crimson, Chris Epic, Joel Someone, Johnny B

Content type: 4 episodes – 1 straight, 1 gay, 1 lesbian, 1 trans

Synopsis: Unparental Guidance showcases family roleplay verbal with an immersive twist where the step-parents are talking directly to the audience, using POV-inspired camerawork & in-character interactions with the camera.


May 15 – True Lesbian – Garden Views

Why watch? A new True Lesbian episode.. if you’ve been following the series, you know it’s going to be off the scales hot!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Elena Koshka, Sabina Rouge

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A terminally ill woman has chosen to spend her final days surrounded by what she loves the most: her gardens. The nurse that helps around the house starts to build a romantic connection with the ill woman, which leads to passionate sex. In the end, they both climax and lay in each other’s arms kissing and tearing up at the emotions of it all.


May 15 – Modern-Day Sins – Idle Fantasies: Spy Vs. Spy

Why watch? With two of the sexiest trans performers in the industry, this scene will not disappoint.

Featuring: Jade Venus, Eva Maxim, Ariel Demure (cameo), JJ (cameo)

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: A group of friends arrives at a home they are renting for the weekend. They discover that the house has fewer beds than advertised and two of the women (who are meeting each other for the first time) have to share a bed. That night, as the two women sleep side-by-side, one of them wakes up. Noticing the other woman’s exposed body, the newly awakened one begins to masturbate to the sight of it. But when the sleeping one suddenly awakens, the masturbating one has to pretend to be asleep to avoid getting caught. As she pretends to sleep, the other woman can’t help but do the same thing, masturbating to the sight of her bedmate’s body. When SHE’S caught a moment later, and they both realize they had the same thing on their mind, they decide to come together for an erotic sex session.


May 18 – Transfixed – Playing The Part

Why watch? Fun story and great sex makes this one a must-watch!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Lydia Black, Shiri Allwood

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Two jealous women are in constant competition, and one of them even plots for the other woman to have an unfortunate “accident”… except not really, because they’re just actresses in a soap opera. When the cameras stop rolling, these beautiful ladies decide that they’d rather make love to each other!


May 22 – Moms on Moms – Feuding Families: Comfort Feud

Why watch? Two fan favorite performers show off their sex skills!

Featuring: Lauren Phillips, Aaliyah Love

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Two catty frenemies are up to their old tricks again, bickering and verbally sparring. As they argue over a charity bachelorette auction that they are taking part in, they each begin to boast about their sexual prowess. The argument escalates and they eventually decide to prove their bedroom skills in a wild sex face-off.


May 31 – Grinders – Scene 1

Why watch? An Adult Time feature film from AVN Director of the Year 2022 Ricky Greenwood

Featuring: Tommy Pistol, Vicki Chase

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: Shred your way back to late 90s LA to follow the adventures of Lucky, a skater with a heart of gold and a pocket full of problems. All his friends think he’s destined for more, but he’s still stuck running orders for his sketchy friend Paul. Today, however, one particular order will bring him face to face with an unexpected visitor from his troubled past.

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