What’s Coming in April 2022

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in April 2022. We hope you enjoy them!


April 3 – Girlsway – Coat Check

Why watch?  Intense one-on-one action with two of our members’ favorite models.

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Featuring: Whitney Wright, Madison Morgan

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Two guests at an engagement party meet for the first time in a bedroom that is being used as a coat room for the party guests. They agree that although they are happy for their friends – the future bride and future groom – they aren’t interested in romance and marriage for themselves, because they’d rather keep their freedom. Bonding over their similar outlook on life, they decide to celebrate their shared appreciation of freedom by having sex right there in the coat room. But when they end up accidentally knocking over the coats, squirting on them, and having to deal with party guests who keep knocking on the door because they want to get their coats, it ends up being the most memorable sex session ever!


April 6 – Transfixed – The Yoga Instructor

Why watch?  Excellent cast, strong script, lots of fun.

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Featuring: Emma Rose, Jewelz Blu, Bailee Paris (cameo), Yulia Masakowa (cameo), Vanessa Vega (cameo)

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Emma Rose, a yoga instructor, greets her students and begins class with a calming ‘namaste’. Joining her today are her pupils Bailee Paris, Yulia Masakowa, Vanessa Vega, and Jewelz Blu. As the class gets into downward dog, Emma moves behind Jewelz and adjusts her position. As she does, Jewelz is pleasantly shocked to feel Emma’s bulge pressing against her…


April 11 – All Girl Massage – Meditation Class

Why watch? Lots of gentle physical contact in a beautiful setting.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Sabina Rouge, Chanell Heart, Alison Rey (Cameo), Keira Croft (Cameo), Mocha Menage (Cameo)

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A meditation instructor is leading her students through a guided meditation but has ulterior motives. When her students are relaxed and have their eyes closed, she feels each of them up under the guise of helping their posture or breathing. But when one of the girls becomes flustered by the touch, the instructor continues getting even more handsy with her… until things go too far and they’re caught by the shocked students! Although one student leaves, the others stay and encourage the instructor and girl to keep going, watching as they have sensual sex.


April 17 – Modern-Day Sins – Proud Pervs: Spotted At The Gym

Why watch? Adult Time pursues its desire to address all audiences with this gay scene which is likely to impress more than one!

Featuring: Nick Fitt, Roman Todd

Content type: Gay

Synopsis: A personal trainer who owns a gym welcomes his newest client. They work up a sweat and also admire each other’s bodies as the trainer spots the client through several exercises – squats, sit-ups, and bench press. Feeling frisky, they decide to have sex out in the open, and attract a crowd of amused onlookers as they shamelessly fuck on and around the equipment.


April 18 – Dare We Share – Serial Seducer

Why watch?  The saying goes that a woman who laughs is half in bed. Imagine two! A light scene perfect for the good weather that is coming.

Featuring: Robby Echo, Ava Sinclaire, Jessica Ryan

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A wacky comedy series where 2 rival characters argue or compete over the affections of a 3rd character, who suggests they have a threesome to break up the fight.


April 20 – ASMR Fantasy – Naughty Student Asks for Extra Detention

Why watch? Autonomous sensory meridian response to smooth out stress. Wait to hear it!

Featuring: Lola Fae, Lucky Fate

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: An 18 year old private school student sitting in her seat. This is her first time in detention and she isn’t used to getting into trouble.  She’s normally such a good girl. What will happen to her?


April 23 – Mommy’s Girl – Too Many Honeymoons!

Why watch? The fan-favorite series offers one of the most exciting threesomes of the month. You will not be disappointed.

Featuring: Kendra James, Rachael Cavalli, Haley Reed

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A woman is on her honeymoon with her new wife, her third marriage in as many years. The wife is not happy that the woman has brought her stepdaughter along on their honeymoon. When the attention-craving stepdaughter barges in on them, the doting mom invites her daughter in for a threesome. It becomes clear that mom and daughter’s bizarre closeness may be part of the reason the previous marriages failed, but the new wife wants to make the woman happy, and she agrees to the threesome. After the sex – where the competitive daughter constantly vies for her mom’s attention – the new wife admits that it’s all too much for her and decides that she wants out of the marriage. The woman is in shock. What could she possibly be doing wrong??


April 27 – Girlsway – Holy Matri-Moly!: Make Our Own Traditions

Why watch? Traditions are made to be broken…especially when it comes to Jade and Madison!

Featuring: Jade Venus, Madison Morgan

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: An engaged couple is planning their wedding when one of them frets that – since they are having to make a lot of compromises – they aren’t going to be following any usual wedding traditions. Her supportive fiancée points out that, since they are both lesbians and one of them is a trans woman, they are about as non-traditional as couples get, so they might as well embrace it and create their own traditions…starting with a pre-wedding sex session!


April 30 – Mommy’s Girl – 2 Too Many Honeymoons!

Why watch? Better too much than not enough! This scene will blow your mind with intense performances!

Featuring: Kendra James, Nina Elle, Haley Reed

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: After her last divorce, the woman is giving love another shot. She has married again and is on her honeymoon with her new wife. Just like last time, the woman’s needy stepdaughter has accompanied them on the trip. When the daughter interrupts the woman and her new wife, it seems like history is about to repeat itself. But instead of being put off, the new wife welcomes the daughter with open arms. The daughter is touched, and they share a loving and tender threesome, leading the daughter to finally realize that two mommies are better than one!

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Curious about pure taboo, will there be less content being produced this year?