New Series: Being Trans 24/7

Being Trans 24/7

Trans life, up close and personal


We are proud to present Transfixed’s new documentary series Being Trans 24/7 that will launch on Monday, May 17th, 2021!

Shot by and showcasing trans creators (amongst them Angelina Please, Trip Richards, Luke Hudson, Vanniall), Being Trans 24/7 wants to empower more trans voices. Being trans isn’t something one can just “turn off” when life’s not easy. The unique experiences, perspectives, and struggles that trans people live through stick with them every second of the day. Things that might not even cross the minds of most cis gender people might be every day sources of anxiety, frustration, fear, comfort, or hope for trans individuals and communities. 

Here are the trailers for our first four portraits:


Release Date: May 17, 2021

Click here to watch the trailer.


Trip Richards

Release Date: May 31, 2021

Click here to watch the trailer.


Luke Hudson

Release Date: June 14, 2021

Click here to watch the trailer.


Angelina Please

Release Date: June 28, 2021

Click here to watch the trailer.

See you on May 17 for the release of the 1st episode!

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1 month ago

I am so, so happy to see someone, an organization that is covering this subject. I am looking forward to ALL of this series.

A HUGE Thank You to Adult Time for supporting the people with a Transgender history regardless of their current gender expression.

1 month ago

Looks like you’ll have one decent episode, pairing wise, in terms of sex that I have any interest in seeing. (Angelina Please paired with Kaila Eve).

I ask again. Like I always ask. Like I’ll continue to ask until you either give a firm answer, until it happens or until my membership runs out:

When are you going to take care of the fans of male-free transwomen content, and by that I’m talking about MtF transwomen paired with MtF transwomen or ciswomen. It’s like you are hellbent to ignore the fans who are asking for it. Or the acclaim that came with Transfixed.

Can you take care of us next please? Meaningfully?

Last edited 1 month ago by Gooch
Reply to  Gooch
1 month ago

Have you not figured out yet that nobody gives a ratsass what you want?

Reply to  Jakthetoad1951
30 days ago

And they do you, I presume? Weak, meaningless reply.

I think you should take a look at the numbers too, before you open your mouth and reveal how ignorant you are next time.

Do better.

Try harder.

Reply to  Gooch
24 days ago

Not being a fan of Trans porn, I could care less. However, considering that I have seen multiple posts on more than one site, Gooch, you have an attitude that A) you’re the ONLY person who can have a valid opinion, B) that YOUR opinion is the only one that matters, and C) that you can it all better than anyone else. Regardless of your intentions, that’s how you come across. You aren’t making requests, you’re making demands. And has been said multiple times, no one cares. Period.

Reply to  Thourne
22 days ago

Get over it? Buck up? Deal with it? Jesus Christ but I’ve never seen a group of bigger crybabies but in the comment sections of the adult world – the last place I thought I’d run into such.

  1. Not an opinion about the numbers calling for more male free transwomen content.
  2. Why should I respect others if they’re unwilling to defense it? Or if they’re treating opinions as meaningless. If that’s the case, if that’s how you feel, I’ll treat yours that way. Myself? I defense mine and back them up.
  3. Nope. Do film critics think they can make films better than those who do it? No. That’s one of the crutches that folks like you use, to try and castigate those like me. I guess all the critics, reviewers, editorialists, pundits and the like must all think they can do it better do, huh? You argument is ipso facto a condemnation of that whole industry.
Reply to  Gooch
17 days ago

As per usual, a reply that makes zero sense. No one has said “Get over it”, “buck up”, or “deal with it”. You’re not “defending” what you said, you’re making things up. Like I said, I’m not a fan of Trans porn. That doesn’t mean that I’m against it, it’s just not my particular “thing”. I’m not a big fan of interracial porn either, so I guess that makes me a racist? Here’s what I and others have said about you, moron: YOU’RE NOT A CRITIC. You might think that you are, or that you want to be one, but you’re not. Nor are you a director, writer, editorialist, or (professional) reviewer. You’re just like the rest of us: fans with opinions. The difference is that you think that your opinion is 1) right, and 2) the only one that matters. Get over yourself.

Oh, and for the record? Just because I’m not a fan of different types of porn doesn’t mean that I don’t support it.

Reply to  Thourne
9 days ago

Why wouldn’t I think mine is right? If I didn’t then why in the blue hell would I ever take the time to utter it?

Fact – not all opinions are equal. Get over it. Buck up. Deal with it.

You can debase and demean me however you so choose, take those shots. Bully me however you so choose, attempt to make me shut up.

But guess what? You’ll never be able to do that. Try as you might.

Again – why utter an opinion if you don’t believe it?

And the whole “critic” thing, at that – most of the “critics” that are out there, the ones you defence as the real ones? Bought and paid for. In the back pocket of the industry.

Not a big fan of IR either – never said you were against trans porn, that you were bigoted, or that being not a big fan of IR makes you, or I, a racist or bigoted.

You might not be aware of the numbers, but if you were, you’d realize that they well and truly are calling for more male-free transwomen content – that’s not my opinion. It happens to align with what I want, yes, but, that’s not an opinion.

Folks like you often give the impression, as you spoke of the impression that I gave off, that the company can do no wrong, they can produce nothing poor and that they are due nothing but the sucking of their leavings from their asses, and when asked if it tastes good, then you’re the sort that will be pissed if someone dares has the temerity to say, “No, this shit doesn’t taste good”.

Nothing wrong for asking for better, for something to your tastes, or better yet, better and to the call of the numbers and aligns with your tastes, as a paying member … there’s this big culture of push back against it, as if it’s some giant faux pas to dare do such.

Fuck that.

It’s on the shoulders of each and every paying individual if they want to speak up and make their voice heard, in addition to their viewing habits (the metrics they gain from our site usage, which I’ll go the extra effort to push the things I love with) – there’s nothing wrong with speaking up or not. I do think there’s something wrong with attitudes like yours, the folks that seems to think members can take it or leave.