F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad – An Adult Time Animated Series

F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad

F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad, Adult Time’s latest animated series will be released on May 27, 2021! This new series will explore the popular futanari niche and will merge both animated and trans content, to create a 3D product unlike anything seen before.

F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad puts an adult spin on one of the biggest genres in anime – the Mecha & Sentai genre – to deliver an explosive and action-packed narrative. We will marry tried-and-true anime & gaming tropes with unprecedented production values within the hentai market to craft a series that feels fresh but familiar to lovers of the Mecha genre and of hentai in general.

Futanari is a subgenre of hentai, featuring characters with both female and male genitalia (typically with female-presenting bodies, breasts and penises). These characters, known as futa, have origin stories from the mundane to the bizarre, from physical transformations to genetic experimentation to magical curses and wishes and spells. It’s truly an eclectic genre.

With interest in futanari spreading from Japan to North America as anime and gaming have become ingrained in western pop culture, especially among younger demographics, the appeal for such a product is only going to continue to grow over time. And that’s where we come in!

The Mecha & Sentai genre is a staple of Japanese anime and video games. It’s no surprise that characters like Overwatch’s D.Va, Tekken’s Nina Williams, and Borderlands’ Maya are among the top growing searches for video game characters in porn in 2021, with their skin-tight battle suits and eye-catching futuristic aesthetics taking a lot of inspiration from popular past sci-fi anime like the Ghost In The Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gundam franchises. The proven appeal of these characters is a promising sign for F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad to become the latest installment of Mecha & Sentai series to capture the hearts of anime and gaming enthusiasts.

To make sure that the series stays faithful to the spirit of the Mecha & Sentai genre, we will work hard to infuse the essence of its atmosphere, tropes, and character arcs & archetypes into the story starting from pre-production. High-energy action sequences, larger than life (literally) threats, and a vibrant-but-gritty look that merges military, sci-fi and traditional anime influences – these will be integral elements to include, to stay true to the legacy of the genre.

F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad will be released May 27, so mark your calendars, this 3D animated series will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Click here to get access to F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad!

If you’re already an Adult Time member, click here to check out the channel in the member’s area.

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2 years ago


3 years ago

In Japanese, the word sentai means squad.

Reply to  KhoriStreet
3 years ago

Fun fact, this was intentional – we figured that for some viewers who may not know what “sentai” means, so we went with a bilingual name that we felt still rolled off the tongue. We used the same logic for our previous animated project, “Hentai Sex School” (with “hentai” and “sex” being a bit redundant side-by-side.)

3 years ago

I would just like to say I’d love to see you all invest funds in the following before you do animation efforts:

New, better and more varied locations. The warehouse is stale and played out.

New cameras, higher resolutions and frame rates, higher bit rates.

Established directors/production crews, pay for the education of ones that do still need it to get up to par with industry standards.

Bigger name stars, fan favorites and other established names.

More varied casting, it’s the same few girls over and over and over again

Better wardrobe. better set decor.

Larger and more varied writing staff, including more hetero male representation.

A tech team/developmental team that will finally get on the ball regarding the tagging system, regarding the ability to Hide channels, regarding the ability to get notifications when someone responds or reacts to a comment, et al.

Last edited 3 years ago by Gooch
Reply to  Gooch
3 years ago

I love AgentRedGirl’s output, and look forward to seeing much more of it. And that’s my wish list!