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Science-fiction films always have strong visuals to convey their unique universe. Think for example of the gruesome shadows in Alien, the desertic landscape of Mad Max, the depressingly colorless cinematography of The Road, the eye-popping designs of The Fifth Element or the monochromatic tones of Blade Runner 2049

Future Darkly: Pandemic is no exception.

Future Darkly: Pandemic

Pandemic is part of our award-winning eponymous series. It is an anthology film featuring 4 stories of love and isolation. The episodes explore a range of human emotion brought on by isolation, especially when mixed with desire. It was virtually directed by Bree Mills last year using a revolutionary workflow that included video conferencing, self-shot footage, and a hybrid, remote team.

The delicate subject matter of the film required a specific color palette that could both evoke classic sci-fi tropes and convey the feeling of confinement without being too cold. The team decided to use neutral colors (black, white, gray, beige and brown) which recall the sanitized conditions of the scientific and medical world while allowing a subtle variation of hues to keep a warm atmosphere. The camera work is precise and methodical with medium shots that allow us to identify with the characters as the drone shots place their stories in a larger world and more dangerous world.

Pandemic stars an A-list cast of Lola Fae, Lucky Fae, Jake Adams, Scarlit Scandal, Micheal Vegas, Ana Foxxx, Dick Chibbles and fan favorite Cherie DeVille.

Have you watched Future Darkly: Pandemic? Did you like it?

Are there any of our productions you’d like us to cover in the future? 

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Instagram!

See you next month for another Adult Time In Color!

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2 years ago

Pandemiefilme sind wirklich schwierig. Warum? Denn in einer Pandemie sind sie Berührungsängste. Wirklich in Porno-Industrie und Sex sollte keine Angst vor Kontakten haben!!!

2 years ago

Episode One is fantastic. The series was OK but this pandemic has been an eye opener for future generations and how our mental and sexual health will be affected.
I have been a loyal follower of AdultTime for some time and now a customer/member and would love to see more productions involving M2M, Solo Female, and Toys. Thanks for continuing to bring a new and exciting platform for the Adult Film Industry. From FANtasyMan416. Toronto Canada.

2 years ago

I watched it, yes. I wasn’t a fan, personally. Aside from the first episode, the thumbs up to thumbs down ration tells the story that many weren’t either. The cynic in me think that this post is designed to boost flagging numbers (the poor reception) versus it being a proper “Adult Time In Color” blog entry, but, I’m trying to reign that in …

Last edited 2 years ago by Gooch
Reply to  Gooch
2 years ago

I’m in total agreement with @Gooch.

My observation is lately it seems like there’s more partner content than original Adult Time content and it’s all pretty bad to be honest.

I was totally jazzed about the Viv Thomas content here on AT but alas, that has now disappeared with no explanation whatsoever. From reading the comments of the, now gone, Jia Lissa/Sybil scene it sounded like I wasn’t the only one excited about this new partner content.

That prompted me to ask why it’s so difficult for AT to emulate some of the better European providers and then the video and comment thread just vanished — POOF!