Meet Our Directors: Anatomik Media

Hello! How are you doing? 

We’re doing great! Keeping very busy these days but we can’t complain.


Can you tell us more about who you are and your career?

We are a husband and wife team that’s been together for about 21 years. We started Anatomik in 2001, began producing high quality custom videos in about 2011 and have been doing that ever since. We started working with Adult Time in early 2020

Dan has a background in photography, graphic design and webmastering while Rhiannon comes from a background in production management in the animation industry. We met in a punk rock band in ‘99. 

Our crew is really great! We feel like we’ve built a special team that really cares about the work we do. We’re a wonderfully bizarre family of misfits.


What are your biggest influences or favorite pieces of art, inside or outside of the adult entertainment industry? 

We’re really big into the DIY aesthetic so that has really been a major influence on everything we do. We love everything about David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Coen Brothers, old B horror movies (the more terrible and campy the better), Pee Wee Herman, comedy, Elvira, Tom Waits, David Bowie and things like that. 


Can you tell us what your favorite Adult Time projects are? 

We’re enjoying the darker storylines of Pure Taboo. One of our favorites was “One Man’s Trash”, starring Victoria Voxxx and Tommy Pistol. Both of their performances were out of this world! We’re all very proud of that scene.

Some of our favorite times are when we need a special shot or scene where we get to create something fun. The crew comes to life when we get a special project! Like the UFO landing in the Girlsway scene “Are U.F.O Real?”, the Roomba-cam in “Under The Covers” and the 360 degree shot we did for Transgressive Films “Getting To Know You Again.” 


Who are some of your other favorite directors at Adult Time?

Everyone working with Adult Time currently is putting out some great scenes! This might sound a little ass-kissy of us, but we really love Bree’s directing style. We’ve had the opportunity to work with her on a couple projects and she’s a pleasure to work with and learn from.


Do you have an anecdote you would like to share with us? 

Our last shoot before Christmas, our camera operator “Bad Santa” Barrett brought robes and onesies for the whole crew that we proudly wore all day. Not only were we snuggly and warm in a big, cold house, it kept smiles on our faces. We have had so many memorable times on set together.


What are you looking forward to in 2022? Any upcoming projects you could tell us about?

We are super excited to be making our very first feature for Adult Time!

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Jaded Bi-Guy
Jaded Bi-Guy
1 year ago

Let’s hear more form the directors. It would be nice if we could search for their films as easily as we can search by performers.