We Like Girls Is Back For Season 3!

When it comes to lesbian sex, chemistry is everything. It’s the first thing fans notice and the sensuality of two women who really love each other is an amazing thing to see. 

Created by Bree Mills, We Like Girls is an unscripted documentary series showcasing authentic lesbian sexual experiences by performers who share a genuine connection. Featuring real-life couples, friends, and longtime crushes.

The first episode of this new season stars Charlotte Sins and Aiden Ashley.

Aiden: “I was over-the-moon excited when told Charlotte had chosen me as her We Like Girls partner. Months of anticipation lead up to this encounter. When Bree read to me why Charlotte chose me, I was in awe & immediately got butterflies (even though I tried to play it cool & pretended I wasn’t nervous). I didn’t know such a beautiful & cool girl thought I was cool & beautiful also haha. Once I gotta see her all I could think about was melting into our own world of quivering orgasms. Charlotte is absolutely fantastic in all ways & this was one of the most purely special scenes of my career.”

Charlotte: “Before our shoot for We Like Girls, I had been dying to get my hands on Aiden. Her dominant and sultry demeanor was so palpable that I couldn’t wait to get a taste. Finally getting the opportunity to work with her was beyond my expectations. The passion and enthusiasm she brought to the scene made it one of my favorite scenes to date.”

What did you think of the first episode of this new season? Any deals you expect to see? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out previous seasons!

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2 years ago

It was a great kickoff to the new season. Their chemistry is palpable. When you can believe two people are truly into each other it makes the scene better. And these two definitely were. Keep this quality coming.