Adult Time and Ricky Greenwood Team Up For Grinders!


Adult Time is proud to announce that our new feature film Grinders is officially filming and is now nearing the end of production!

Inspired by classic 90’s skateboard movies, this new project from AVN Director of the Year 2022 Ricky Greenwood is a love letter to the films of yesterday and to an era that holds a special place in the heart of its director.

Grinders is a 90s inspired coming-of-age movie filmed in the no-rules skateboard aesthetic of that era.  Lucky is a 20+ yr old skateboarder at a crossroads in his life. As he wanders the city, landing tricks and running into old friends and new enemies, we are treated to glimpses of the sex lives of those around him. With Lucky slowly coming out of his shell, he gets back in touch with his longtime crush Morgan. But soon after, he’s faced with the toughest choice of his life. Will Lucky make the right decision?

The cast is nothing short of stellar, with Vicky Chase, Tommy Pistol, Charlotte Sins, Robby Echo, Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot, Nathan Bronson, Maya Woulfe, Lucky Fate, Liv Revamped and James Angel.

Keep an eye out for updates, contests and more! 

And have a look at these exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures below! 

To learn more about Ricky Greenwood, follow him on Twitter. 

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2 years ago

Any chance for a cismale free feature film someday? I would just like to ask for some consideration given to the fans of cismale free films when the next one is brought up.

Reply to  Dubbs
2 years ago

Yes, we have a lesbian feature film in the works. You can read more about it here:

Reply to  Admin
2 years ago

That sounds like a really lame premise, and the body swap stuff you’ve been featuring has gotten poor feedback on Alicia’s Custom’s. If you check the four way on WebYoung today, Renegade really puts it into perspective. Nobody wants a lesbian film about a man trapped in a woman’s body. Can’t you just give us what we want for once? Something not about MEN?