Katie Kush Interview

Katie Kush Interview

Hello! How are you doing? How are you holding up in this quarantine/COVID world?

Doing what I can to keep myself busy. Starting daily routines and sticking to them to make sure I don’t just lay in bed, eat and sleep all day.

Congrats on your upcoming Super Horny Fun Time show coming up today on Adult Time! What do you have planned for your show today?

Thank you so much! I am so excited, I’m thinking of doing a little bit of some teasing today, dirty blow job with my dildo and some masturbation play!

What do you like most about doing solo masturbation shows like this one? Do you have toys that you swear by or are your fingers and hands plenty?

I absolutely love playing with the fans and teasing them with some naughtiness until the end giving them a full show of me pleasuring myself hopefully ya cumming at the same time! They are fun time to just do your own thing.

What is your favorite Adult Time scene that you have done to date?

This is my first show and I am so excited to do it.

If instead of a solo scene, you could do a scene with any other porn star, who would you choose?

Hmm I miss work so much. I have so many people I just want to work with right away haha

Let’s say you could have a celebrity for that sex scene, what star would you like to fuck?

Most definitely Zac Efron.

What have you found yourself spending more time doing during this time?

Working out and drinking wine.

What are the first three things that you want to do once things are relatively back to normal?

Go back to work and go to an actual gym.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for tuning in! Please be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram: Katiekushxx2 and any of the other sites are Katiekushxx. Thank you!

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