Lily Glee Interview

Lily Glee Interview

Hello! How are you doing? How are you holding up in this quarantine/COVID world?

I’m sooo bored in this quarantine, but I’ve been keeping myself occupied & entertained in various ways. Mostly YouTube, & learning new things randomly!

Congrats on your upcoming Super Horny Fun Time show coming up today on Adult Time! What do you have planned for your show today?

I plan on definitely making myself cum more than once with my Hitachi, as well as some anal toy play.

What do you like most about doing solo masturbation shows like this one? Do you have toys that you swear by or are your fingers and hands plenty?

I love to look hot while masturbating for the audience. I prefer either my fingers for my clit, and always my hitachi- it’s a must at this point.

What is your favorite Adult Time scene that you have done to date?

My favorite scene I’ve shot for Adult Time so far, is definitely, my scene for Pure Taboo. Also, I love my scene for Nuru Massage.

What channel would you most like to do a scene for that you haven’t yet?

The channel(s) (can’t choose only one 1!!) I want to do a scene for on Adult Time is Girlsway (although I’ve been an extra for them a couple times), Hentai Sex School– because voice over is something I’ve never ever had a chance to do, and “IsThisReal?!”.

If instead of a solo scene, you could do a scene with any other porn star, who would you choose?

I would choose… probably Lexi Grey because we have a good vibe & I think we’d have great chemistry on cam. Especially for a live show!

Let’s say you could have a celebrity for that sex scene, what star would you like to fuck?

Most definitely Travis Scott!!

What have you found yourself spending more time doing during this time?

I’ve been doing a lot of random research on things I’ve forgotten, or things that I’ve always been interested in. Lots of YouTube too. Oh and using my Hitachi.

What are the first three things that you want to do once things are relatively back to normal?

Go to the beach, find a theater program in LA, & try this spaghetti chili restaurant in Burbank.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I’d like to say follow my NEW Twitter @RealLilyGleex3 if you don’t already! I’ll be making merch in the near future as well! And my OnlyFans is LilyGleeXXX!

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