Idle Fantasies

Peeping toms all around the world, sneak a peek at our newest series!

Look but don’t touch, they say. Easier said than done, especially when what you’re looking at is oh so touchable. If idle hands are the devil’s playthings, then an idle body is the devil’s playground, just within your reach and begging to be explored.

Admire from afar alongside today’s sneakiest sinners as they ogle and covet the exposed midriffs, spread legs, and bent-over backsides of oblivious objects of their desire. Nighttime creeping, stuck incidents, bait-&-switches, voyeurism, and more spark a one-sided attraction that leads to more in modern tales of temptation and perversion. Your parents taught you never to stare – but lucky for you, they’re not here now to judge.

The first episode to be released is Stay The Night in which a teen brings her friend home for an overnight stay and the teen’s dad is instantly attracted to the friend. Unable to control himself, he gives in to his urges to stare at her as she stirs in her slumber, then quietly gets her attention and convinces her to fuck him while his own daughter rests mere feet away.

Excited? Let us know in the comments section below!

If you’re still feeling naughty, enjoy our Idle Fantasies Spotify playlist

And don’t forget: you can get your eyes on the full first episode of Modern-Day Sins, His Girlfriend’s Little Angel, for FREE – with OR WITHOUT a membership – at!

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2 years ago

It does sound extremely interesting! Fighting urges (and giving in) is an incredibly important aspect of taboo. And taboo is perhaps one of the most important components of sexuality.

Anyway, because the series is called “Idle fantasies” I’m curious to see whose fantasy this is. The father’s…? Or maybe the daughter’s? This would be quite a plot twist, that the daughter is actually the one enjoying this the most, silently and pretending to be sleeping.

But I’ll let myself by surprised! Can’t wait to see a trailer!