New Adult Time Pilot starring Kali Roses and Violet Myers

Adult Time just released a new series pilot concept called “Straight, But… Lonely” which focuses on young women reflecting on their first lesbian experiences.

In the pilot starring Kali Roses and Violet Myers, a young woman recounts a tough time in her life when she was in a long-distance open relationship with her boyfriend. After having trouble hooking up with guys other than her boyfriend, she consults her lesbian best friend for advice. Maybe being with a GUY is making the girlfriend think too much of her long-distance boyfriend…maybe she should try being with a GIRL instead…

What do you think of the pilot? Let us know in the survey or the comments section below!

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2 years ago

I thought it was a pretty good scene. The premise of a first lesbian experience is compelling if the actresses can pull it off visually, as I do not watch with sound on.

As for the actresses, very sexy. I always find that dissimilar body types and physical appearances are far more exciting than watching “twins”. They are both attractive in their own way and together it was a sensual match.

If I could’ve had the director’s ear for 5 mins I would’ve suggested more attention on those glorious glutes (of both women). On the critique side, perhaps less fish faces, especially during the initial making out section. Otherwise solid.

Last edited 2 years ago by Shazbutt