What’s Coming In January 2022

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in January 2022. We hope you enjoy them!


January 1 – Modern-Day Sins – 7 episodes

Why watch? New year! New site! New sins! We’ve been teasing you for 7 weeks and now you’ll be able to enjoy the first 7 episodes covering all sexual preferences! A new step in the history of Adult Time.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Content type: All sexual preferences

Synopsis: Sins have come a long way since biblical times. The world’s gotten more complicated, and so have our urges. The decadence and debaucheries of yesteryear seem utterly tame by today’s standards. Modern times call for modern sins… more desperate, more wicked. And more tempting.



January 4 – Pure Taboo – Playing God

Why watch? A drama-centric story with twists and turns.

Featuring: Natalie Brooks, Dee Williams, Ryan Driller, John Legendary, Kiki D’Aire

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: The godparents of a teen girl don’t like the way her birth parents treat her. When the godparents see the parents acting too strict at a dinner party, they decide to finally take matters into their own hands. 



January 4 – Mommy’s Girl – So Proud Of My Girl

Why watch? An additional episode of Mommy’s Girl this month for lovers of the show and trans content.

Featuring: Erica Cherry, Audrey Madison

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: A young trans woman receives a bouquet of flowers from her cis stepmom, to celebrate a milestone in her transition. The stepmom gushes that she is so proud of her stepdaughter for being so brave and living her truth. As the stepmom affectionately touches her and goes on about what a beautiful woman she has grown into, the woman realizes that her stepmom has developed feelings for her. 


January 5 – Hentai Sex School – 2nd Semester Episode 4: Debate

Why watch?  The stakes are higher than ever in this fan favorite animated series.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: April O’Neil, Kira Noir, Serene Siren, Wolf Hudson

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: The team’s confidence is shattered after their previous loss. Fights break out between the team members, and Nathan blames himself for the mess. The next round of the competition turns out to be a multi-partner sex marathon. Blitz, Misty, and Penny think that Nathan should be the one to compete in this round, but Nathan decides to give Blitz a chance to shine. Blitz’s speed turns out to be an asset in the sex marathon. The team’s wounds are (mostly) healed as they reconcile.


January 7 – My Younger Lover

Why watch?  A new lightly dramatic series that depicts pairings between younger and older characters who struggle with hardships because of their unconventional relationship.

Featuring: Gabbie Carter, Rachael Cavalli

Content type: Lesbian



January 9 – Girlsway – We’re Too Young To Feel This Old!!

Why watch?  Foursome. 

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Keira Croft, Sabina Rouge, Chanell Heart, Mocha Menage

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Two lesbian couples get together to hang out but then realize that they’ve become boring and predictable! They lament that they’re too young to already be boring. After reminiscing about the wild things they used to do, they wonder how they can be exciting like that again. That’s when they remember how all four of them used to be much more sexually adventurous when together. What better way is there to spice things up and reconnect to their old selves than with a foursome for old time’s sake?


January 10 – Kiss Me / Fuck Me

Why watch? An erotic and intimate series that depicts a passionate encounter between two lovers, with a heavy focus on deep kissing, body exploration, and mutual pleasuring.

Featuring: Maddy May, Seth Gamble

Content type: Straight



January 12 – Transfixed – Her Prized Students

Why watch? Jessy Dubai’s first Transfixed scene! 

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Jessy Dubai, April Olsen, Liv Revamped, Maya Kendrick

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: A teacher is thinking of hiring a teaching assistant for next semester, and interviews three former students for the position. She knows that each candidate is bright and talented, however as she interviews each of them separately, she is NOT prepared for each candidate to try seducing her. She finally assembles all of them in the room to ask what’s going on, and the former students admit that they all have crushes on her. And since they’re not her students anymore, there’s no reason to hold back, is there? The teacher is unable to resist the temptation any longer, and they have an energetic foursome.


January 16 – True Lesbian – The First Day

Why watch? A beautiful emotional “coming out” episode that also includes really sweet humorous moments, as life so often does.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Jenna Foxx, Aaliyah Love

Content type: Lesbian



January 19 – Teen Sneaks

Why watch?  Another new series about two young characters having sex while trying to hide it from other off-screen characters nearby.

Featuring: Jane Wilde, Codey Steele

Content type: Straight



January 20 – Forbidden Seductions – 3 episodes

Why watch?  An Adult Time Pilot spanning over 3 sexual preferences. Forbidden Seductions relies heavily on buildup, sexual tension and foreplay to create scene with a longer than usual transition between story and sex.

Featuring: Seth Gamble, Sky Blue, Kenzie Taylor, Haley Reed, Dante Colle, Ariel Demure

Content type: Straight / Lesbian / Trans


Unlawful Attraction

An intern at a law firm and her boss (one of the senior partners) are in the boss’s office, packing boxes to move to an upper floor. It becomes clear from touches and secretive glances that working this closely together has caused sexual tension to build between them, but a relationship between a boss and her intern would be seen as completely inappropriate. The boss tries to reason with the intern that it would be bad for both their careers to pursue things, but eventually their desires win out over logic.

Fiance’s Cold Feet

A woman and her future brother-in-law have grown closer ever since the engagement, because she’s been helping the couple with wedding planning and preparations. Despite their best intentions, sparks have begun to fly. Although they try to resist temptation, one day it becomes too much for the man to hold back. After a tense back and forth about how they shouldn’t act on their feelings for one another, they decide to test the waters to see if their attraction is truly worth risking EVERYTHING for.

You Taught Me To Love

A high school teacher, an out trans woman, tutors one of her students, a star athlete, in class after school. She has been helping him bring his grades up over the last few weeks and the two have been growing progressively closer, with a steadily building sexual tension simmering under the surface. Drawn to each other, they make every effort to resist their urges, until the student finally takes the plunge and articulates what they are both feeling. Even though she has reservations, the teacher can’t deny their mutual attraction. She eventually fully gives in to her desires, and they have passionate sex, right there in the classroom.


January 24 – Devil’s Film – Step-Mommy Likes To Watch #04

Why watch? Great sex and chemistry.

Featuring: Violet Starr, Juan Loco, Rachael Cavalli

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: Moms are never shy about meddling in their kids’ love lives… but THIS takes it to a whole new level!  When a horny stepmom sneaks a peek at her stepchild getting it on with a sexual partner, she can’t resist rubbing one out as she watches. Whether she’s watching them in secret and gets caught peeping, or barges in on them insisting to “chaperone” their sexual encounter, the young couple are always shocked at her intrusion but realize there’s no winning an argument against a parent, step-parent or not!


January 24 – The Yes List – Mutual Interests

Why watch?  This series is showing how talking about sex with your partners before having it is a great form of foreplay.  Drawing influence from our cast’s real life connections, it paints a realistic and relatable portrayal of how 3 strangers navigate hooking up together.

Featuring: Siri Dahl, Wolf Hudson, Johnny Hill

Content type: Bisex



January 26 – Transfixed – Morning Pleasures

Why watch? Transfixed at its best with a great story and romantic sex.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Christy Love, Ariel Demure

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: A trans woman gets up in the morning and sees that her girlfriend is still resting. She quietly leaves the room to shower and prepare for the day, then returns to the bedroom where she admires the view of her resting girlfriend… especially her cute butt. She gently rouses her girlfriend and tells her that her butt looks very tempting today, so she wants to try giving her that special surprise she’s been asking for. 


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2 years ago

The pairings between performers with notable age differences on this site are usually very off-putting, but My Younger Lover and Unlawful Attraction sound like more interesting concepts than usual. Looking forward to checking those out.