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Hello! My name is Midnight and I’m one of Adult Time’s in-house writers. As part of the writing team, there’s never a dull moment because I get the chance to create stories with so many amazing people every day!

My top 5 favorite scenes on Adult Time (in no particular order) are:

Casey: A True Story

Subscribers: Watch it here

This feature, which is based on Casey Kisses’ life story, really gripped me in a way few other scenes ever will. It’s a powerful, personal journey and all of the performers really gave it their all. Tommy Pistol’s performance in Part 4 is especially chilling.


Model Time: The Skater Boi

Subscribers: Watch it here

This scene was written and directed by Lola Fae, and explores gender and gender expression in a way I had not yet seen on Adult Time. As a gender-diverse individual myself, it really spoke to me — I may or may not have gotten a bit emotional!


Pure Taboo: Three Sides To Every Story

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To this day, this is still one of the scenes that stands out most to me. As a writer, it was challenging yet satisfying since we got to tackle and explore a sensitive topic matter. This scene is intense and sure to make you think.


Future Darkly: The Ghost Rocket

Subscribers: Watch it here

How can you go wrong with a good old-fashioned anal probing from an alien? Especially when said alien is none other than Cherie DeVille? Cherie’s dialogue in this scene is a ton of fun as well — I have NO IDEA how she managed to keep a straight face while delivering her lines!


Under The Bed: Within

Subscribers: Watch it here

Maybe it’s because Halloween is right around the corner, at the time of writing, but “Within” is definitely on my mind. It’s a great horror scene that capitalizes on the fear of being hunted. The opening scene with Michael Vegas is certainly not one you see in porn every day.

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2 years ago

So how exactly does someone become an “in house writer” for AdultTime?