Ella Hollywood, Shiri Allwood, and Christy Love make their Transfixed debut

We shot a new Transfixed scene. And, we couldn’t be happier with Ella Hollywood, Shiri Allwood, and Christy Love‘s debut.

In “Treating Ourselves,”  a vacationing couple, played by Ella Hollywood and Shiri Allwood, is relaxing poolside at a resort, excited about a couple activity they have planned: a masseuse will be arriving shortly to teach them some couples massage techniques. When the masseuse, played by Christy Love, arrives, both women are immediately taken by how attractive she is. As Christy massages both women and shows them how to massage each other, the couple slyly probes to see if she’s straight or a lesbian. Once they learn she’s a lesbian, Ella and Shiri gradually seduce the masseuse and all three treat themselves to an erotic poolside threesome.

A word from Bree Mills:

“We shot a really sweet intro and evolved the script to reflect the natural personalities of the confident Shiri and the shy, adorable Ella. We got a great 50+ minute sex scene with squirting, reciprocal oral, topping, bottoming, some feet moments, and cum shots.”

Excited? “Treating Ourselves” will be out October 27th!

Here are some BTS shots:

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Brownie 69
Brownie 69
2 years ago

HI Bree et al: 71 years ago I purchased my first adult mag for $1.00 U.S. in Chicago,Il.and it was the year 1951.(The corner mom and pop grocery store was literally 100 yards from my house and I told the owner the purchase was for my father. The owner gave me a doubting look, but quickly handed the mag over.) NEVER in a million years could I imagin that 71 years later I would be watching the likes of “AdultTime” and the Fabulous material available to me on a huge computer screen riight before my eyes. The women @ AdultTime are beyond description when it comes to beauty. ThanksGiving 2021 was two days ago and I just want to give MY thanks Bree Mills, (et al), for THE BEST ADULT SITE ever! Mr. Donald Brown, Sp/4, U.S. Army