Siri Dahl and April Olsen Come Together For Peach Cake

Earlier this month, we wrapped up the Peach Cake Pilot.

Directed by Bree Mills, Peach Cake is a premium all-sex series celebrating confidence and curiosity, pairing hot models together in unscripted encounters where we worship their very best assets.  It doesn’t matter the age, gender, or orientation, what gets us off is the ability to lose ourselves behind the lens and watch beautiful people getting fucked out and shedding their inhibitions for us.

As you can tell by the cute outfits, we thrust Siri Dahl and April Olsen into a 1980s universe, where bums are more than cherished.

We’ll have one cut that’s strictly girl on girl (a 10-15 minute GG anal sex sequence), and for the other cut, we brought in Chris Damned. That’s right: You’ll be getting 40 minutes of BGG sex.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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2 years ago

I expect this channel to be poor, to be honest. It’s going to continue with your attempting “gaying” up of Adult TIme. Like this scene – you give us a quarter the run time of the B/G/G for the G/G and then dude? You bring in a veteran homosexual male performer.


You did note the poor feedback for Anthony Pierce’s limp dick, didn’t you? He struggles due to not being into women yet you’re booking him for B/G scenes.


You did noticed the massive pushback on a couple recent Girlsway titles, with Jaimie Michelle and Ellie Lilly, didn’t you? What was that pushback over? Gay for pay women who clearly don’t enjoy what they’re doing.

Yet you’ll persist in pushing gay for pay males into B/G scenes where they struggle to show their interest. And likely signal effeminately to boot.

What is the reasoning behind the attempting “gaying” up of Adult Time? Can’t you just leave it on the Gay side?

Last edited 2 years ago by Gooch
2 years ago

Dear holy porngods 😮 when will this release?