April O’Neil Interview

April O'Neil Interview

Hello! How are you doing? How are you holding up in this quarantine/COVID world?

Hey there! I’m doing alright, considering. Trying to enjoy the silver lining of it finally being socially acceptable to cancel all plans to stay in pajamas and play video games all day at home.

Congrats on your upcoming Super Horny Fun Time show coming up on Adult Time! What do you have planned for your show?

Thank you so much! I’m super excited! I don’t have anything special planned, I’m just looking forward to being social and connecting with all my fans and the Adult Time community! I’m just looking forward to having some fun with myself and everyone watching!

What do you like most about doing solo masturbation shows like this one? Do you have toys that you swear by or are your fingers and hands plenty?

I’ve always been quite the exhibitionist so it really turns me on to have others watching me. I have my few toys that I use regularly and keep close by but I’ve found that I usually just end up using my hands because I get too into it to try to grab a toy.

What is your favorite Adult Time scene that you have done to date?

I’d love to choose the scenes I directed. Sex is great and all but have you ever been able to tell other people how to have sex? It’s a blast!

If instead of a solo scene, you could do a scene with any other porn star, who would you choose?

I really have a hard time choosing favorites! I honestly want to try all of the things and all of the people! There’s a joke about us bisexuals that we’re completely incapable of choosing anything. Just let me have all of it!

What have you found yourself spending more time doing during this time?

I have been playing so many videos, watching so much TV, baking, cooking, and so. much. masturbating.

What are the first three things that you want to do once things are relatively back to normal?

Absolute first thing I’m going to do is get a massage! Like a 3 hour massage. Then I’ll probably go play pinball and eat at my favorite restaurant.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thanks so much for always wanting to hear from me! I love y’all!

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