Top 10 Scenes – June 2020

Here are the top 10 scenes released in June 2020 on Adult Time. Make sure to check back again next month so you can stay up to date on what’s hot and trending on Adult Time!

We used the following metrics to determine which scenes to include in this list:

Average playtime – The higher the number, the more time was spent watching the scene

Positive rating % How many people gave the scene a like vs. how many gave it a dislike

Comments How many comments the scene has and how positive they are

Views – Number of unique views

Downloads – Number of unique downloads

This data has been compared against site averages to reach certain conclusions about how the scene performed, which are categorized as average, strong or very strong.

So, let’s get started…

#1 – All Girl Massage – Who On Earth HATES Massages! 

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Kristen Scott, Lacy Lennon

Release Date: June 8, 2020

Average Playtime: 9.2 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 99.4% – Very Strong

Comments: 30, mostly positive – Very Strong

Views: 5,598 – Very Strong

Downloads: 2,462 – Strong

The number one spot this month goes to an All-Girl Massage starring fan-favorite Lacy Lennon and Adult Time Hall-of-Famer Kristen Scott. Members commented primarily on the top of the line pairing and the incredible oral skills from both girls.


#2 – Girlsway – A-Freud Of The Truth 

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Alix Lynx, Alex Coal

Release Date: June 7, 2020

Average Playtime: 8.03 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 97.6% – Very Strong

Comments: 21, mostly positive – Very Strong

Views: 4,934 – Very Strong

Downloads: 2,381 –  Strong

Alix Lynx returns as a devious therapist hellbent on converting her hot clients into sex-crazed lesbians. The simple plot, effective acting skills and passionate sex resonated well with Girlsway fans this month.


#3 – Pure Taboo – Just Between You, Me, And God

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: John Strong, Gia Derza

Release Date: June 23, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.93 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 90.9% – Strong

Comments: 19, mixed reactions – Strong

Views: 8,934 – Very Strong

Downloads: 3,269 – Very Strong

Just like most polarizing Pure Taboo episodes, this one was very dark and very twisted. Comments from members went into every direction, but the viewership stats confirm this was an episode fans enjoyed watching. Plus, Gia Derza looked incredible in her nerdy teen outfit.


#4 – Girlfriends Films – Road Queen #31

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Bree Daniels, Siri

Release Date: June 19, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.87 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 95% – Very Strong

Comments: 14, mostly positive – Strong

Views: 4,004 – Very Strong

Downloads: 1,814 – Strong

Two of the hottest all-natural redheads in the business paired in a lesbian scene was sure to be a hit. Girlfriends Films are arguably the most influential girl-girl only studio ever, and adding some of their best content on Adult Time was sure to please a large portion of our audience.


#5 – Girlsway – No-Nonsense Nanny

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Dee Williams, Bunny Colby

Release Date: June 26, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.74 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 91.9% – Strong

Comments: 20, mostly positive – Strong

Views: 4,349 – Very Strong

Downloads: 2,180 – Strong

Everyone loves Bunny Colby. Everyone loves Dee Williams. Put them together in a light-BDSM themed girl-girl scene and it’s an almost sure hit! Although different than most of our other Girlsway scenes, the reception for it was great.


#6 – Pure Taboo – Mom’s Not Coming Back, Sweetheart

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Steve Holmes, Riley Star

Release Date: June 16, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.5 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 94.1% – Very Strong

Comments: 23, mostly positive – Very Strong

Views: 9,936 – Very Strong

Downloads: 3,085 – Very Strong

Extremely dark (I mean, look at the scene title…) Pure Taboo episode, with poignant acting from Riley Star and Steve Holmes who portrays a creepy step-dad. The scene was not only hailed by members but also managed to become one of the all-time best performing scenes on Adult Time based on the viewership stats for the first 7 days after launch. 


#7 – Model Time – Dormmates

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Gia Derza, Scarlit Scandal

Release Date: June 5, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.68 – Very Strong

Positive Rating: 95.1% – Very Strong

Comments: 3, all positive – Average

Views: 3,310 – Strong

Downloads: 1,802 – Strong

The highest rated scene ever launched on Model Time made its way to the Top 10 scenes in June. It’s also the second scene on this list featuring Gia Derza, this time in a girl-girl scene with real-life roommate Scarlit Scandal.


#8 – Girlfriends Films – Imperfect Angels #07

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Samantha Ryan, Prinzzess

Release Date: June 18, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.25 – Strong

Positive Rating: 97.7% – Very Strong

Comments: 15, mostly positive – Strong

Views: 3,469 – Strong

Downloads: 1,478 – Average

Another Girlfriends Films scene in the top 10 this month, this one starring their long-time exclusive model Prinzzess, a girl-girl only performer who appeared in multiple memorable scenes for the legendary studio.


#9 – Mommy’s Girl – Following In Mom’s Footsteps

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Emma Hix, Serene Siren

Release Date: June 13, 2020

Average Playtime: 6.02 – Strong

Positive Rating: 94.3% – Very Strong

Comments: 34, mostly positive – Very Strong

Views: 5,635 – Very Strong

Downloads: 2,364 – Strong

Fantastic pairing and a good amount of fan-favorite sex moves (plenty of rimming, tribbing) made “Following In Mom’s Footsteps” the highest ranking Mommy’s Girl scene in June.


#10 – Girls Out West – Sex Therapy

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Featuring: Peggie, Natalie

Release Date: June 14, 2020

Average Playtime: 5.94 – Strong

Positive Rating: 98.8% – Very Strong

Comments: 6, mostly positive – Average

Views: 2,926 – Strong

Downloads: 1,415 – Average

We finish this Top 10 with a scene from our partner channel, Girls Out West. A scene that was described by Adult Time members as their best offering yet. Praises were for the amazing anal action as well as the creative camerawork, particularly the close-ups.

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3 years ago

I am a man, but, watching another guy get the goods I want, isn’t nearly as arousing as watching 2 women. When it comes to what turns me on, I can be as biased as I please, because it’s a natural occurrence. Not something based on intelligent selection, but of animal instinct. This is why taboo has dominated porn from the beginning. We have been taught to make the big head think for the little head. With porn, the little head gets to do all the thinking. As far as I’m concerned a girl/girl scene gives me 2 for the price of one. It’s also instructive, because most guys, even porn star guys, have no clue on how to best turn on a woman. the only guy/girl porn I really like is where you don’t see anything but the guy’s genitals and how the actress is working them. I have been a porn watcher for 40 years and nothing makes me lose the edge like having the camera pan up to some guy grunting and grimacing. Another turn off for me is the girl who gets “covered in cum”. That’s just silly. I would much rather see her swallow one guys load than watch multiple guys splatter all over her hair, up her nose and in her eyes. So bravo to the admins here for letting the audience decide!

3 years ago

Correction 10 scenes*

3 years ago

I’m surprised at a couple of the positions I agree with the 20 scenes(which I be seen all but one). But I would have rated(thought) that GFF road trip with Bree and Siri would finish anouve Pure Taboo. IMO.

3 years ago

Ok, this just means that women watch porn for a longer period of time and engage more in reaction to that content. I wish this could give me some useful tips, that’s only true if you are a lesbian viewer.

3 years ago

It is no fair for Heterosexuals to only know that only 2 out of 10-scenes can be judged as to how much interest is being shown. You need to do Top-10 by Sexual Preference. PLEASE.

3 years ago

You should really do a Top 10 for each sexual preference. For your Heterosexual members, only 2-scenes out of 10. That is not fair and dismal for Heterosexuals. For the last 60-Years it has all been about not fair for Homos, now it is not fair for Heteros.

Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan
3 years ago

did I miss something? was it the top 10 list of lesbian scenes. I felt it was a more than biast top 10. not that there’s anything wrong with girl on girl of coarse, maybe that was the best over all and that’s all there was?