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When compiling and organizing the results of the lesbian survey in order to share them with you (it’s coming soon, don’t worry!), we found out that Teenage Lesbian (2019) was still one of our members’ favorite scenes. So, it seemed natural to us to choose this series for our monthly blog entry!

Written and directed by Bree Mills, Teenage Lesbian is an uplifting look at an 18-year-old’s final year of high school (wonderfully played by Kristen Scott) as she comes to terms with herself and her sexual orientation. This autobiographical coming-of-age story is set in the 1990s, the final decade before gay and lesbian rights became a household conversation. It is a powerful reminder of the power of acceptance. 

Adult Time In Color - Teenage Lesbian

As we can see in the above screenshot, the color scheme is soft, almost pastel, drawing on green and pale pink to reinforce the positive and liberating message of self-acceptance at the heart of the story. Cinematographer Matt Holder’s handheld camera work brings the action and viewers closer to the characters and their lives. The high-key lighting – the main characteristic of which is a general homogeneous bright light without dark shadows – places the film in the tradition of dramatic comedy where the emphasis is on the performers. The overall result is a slow-burning ‘feel-good’ atmosphere that matches the main protagonist’s emotional journey.

Alongside award-winning Kristen Scott (see her short interview with XCritic about the project here), the film stars an A-cast roster of top female models: Whitney Wright, Aidra Fox, Alina Lopez, Kenna James, Kendra Spade, Emily Willis, Gianna Dior, Casey Calvert, Maya Kendrick and Dee Williams.

Teenage Lesbian was edited in two versions by Adult Time’s in-house editor Clit Eastwood: an R-rated film and an adult cut. The R-rated version was submitted to “mainstream” festivals like LA Cinefest and the Queen Palm International Film Festival (where it was recognized for “cinematic excellence”). It also won 7 XBIZ awards including Feature Movie Of The Year. A special cast reunion episode came out 1 year later

Have you watched Teenage Lesbian? Did you like it?

Are there any of our productions you’d like us to cover in the future? 

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Instagram!

See you next month for another Adult Time In Color!

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3 years ago

Liebe Erwachsenenzeit,

Es gäbe so viele gute Gedanken über neue Episoden für Teenage Lesbian.

Hier sind nur ein paar Gedanken:

1) Ein Mädchen wird von lesbischen Pflegeeltern aufgenommen und entdeckt dort romantische lesbische Liebe. Sie entdeckt nicht nur diese Liebe, sondern auch Sex und Unterwerfung. Zuckerbrot und Peitsche. Sie entdeckt die weiche und auch die strenge, raue Liebe.

2) Ein Mädchen hat den Wunsch, sich weiterzuentwickeln. Sie möchte sich selbst besser kennenlernen. Sie will alle Formen von Sex kennenlernen. Dazu geht sie zu einem lesbischen Institut, wo es weibliche Trainerinnen und weibliche Unterwürfungen gibt. Sie unterschreibt dort einen Vertrag und wird von einer oder mehreren Weiblichen Trainerinnen in lesbischer Liebe weich, aber auch streng und rau (BDSM) einschließlich weiblicher Gästeunterwürmungen ausgebildet.

Lassen Sie uns darüber sprechen!

Vielen Dank. Alles Gute.

3 years ago

The Turning was, is and ever will be, my favorite GW feature. It is the Citizen Kane of Lesbian film, period. Now, if you’d all like to make a sequel and try to improve on it, I don’t think any of us here would mind…..just be sure to bring back Adriana, you can’t have a sequel to The Turning without Halle!

Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Reply to  ScottyB_Lesbian_Lover
3 years ago

The Turning is also my favorite Girlsway feature. It’s also my favorite movie Gamma ever did (with Perspective a close second). We have toyed with the idea of a Turning sequel for years and I hope we do it one day.