Introducing Transgressive Films

We’re really excited to show you a new series we’ve been working long and hard on. Our beloved Transfixed studio brings you Transgressive Films,  a new series that aims to encourage discourse surrounding trans sexuality. The scenes were all written by trans storytellers, and the talent we brought on board did the stories justice. You can watch the series trailer here and below you’ll find the links to each episode’s trailer. 

Also, Emma Rose will be hosting a live AMA on Adult Time’s Instagram on April 29th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, don’t miss out!

Let’s take a closer look at each episode and let us know which one excites you the most! 

Episode 1 – Old-Fashioned Attitude

Trailer: Watch It Here

Release Date: April 26, 2021

Director: Ricky Greenwood

Featuring: Emma Rose, Ariel X and Draven Navarro

A cis married man finds an old family photo revealing that his step-daughter is trans. Feeling betrayed by his family, he confronts her about it. In the heat of the moment, he reveals that he’s also conflicted about her trans identity because he’s sexually attracted to her.


Episode 2 – What Others May Think

Trailer: Watch It Here

Release Date: May 10, 2021

Director: Anatomik Media

Featuring: Ember Snow and Korra Del Rio

A bride-to-be, who is afraid of her controlling family, tells her best friend that she can’t be the maid of honor. It’s revealed that it’s because the friend is a trans woman and that both hers and the groom’s families don’t want any controversy. The bride has to make a difficult decision.


Episode 3 – Back Where It All Started

Trailer: Watch It Here

Release Date: May 24, 2021

Director: Ricky Greenwood

Featuring: Jenna Gargles, Dante Colle and Gracie Jane

After the death of their bigoted single parent, an estranged cis (step) brother and trans (step) sister meet for the first time in years as she arrives for the reading of the will. Old prejudices flare up until the brother finally realizes how much pain he’s caused his sister now that their late mother is no longer around to drive a wedge between them, and confesses his own repressed feelings of confused sexuality.


Episode 4 – This Doesn’t Change Anything

Trailer: Watch It Here

Release Date: June 2021

Director: Anatomik Media

Featuring: Casey Kisses, Johnny Hill

At a 15-year high school reunion, a man meets an attractive woman and doesn’t realize she is his estranged friend, who has transitioned. He has a sexual identity crisis but she tries to help him through it, reassuring him that nothing’s REALLY changed between them. 

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3 years ago

Liebe Erwachsenenzeit,

Episode 2 ist definitiv und wirklich mein Geschmack. Bitte halten Sie diesen Weg und pruduce viel mehr Sex-Aktionen zwischen Mädchen und TS-Frauen.

Vielleicht können Sie auch einen neuen Porno-Stil in der Welt namens “School Of Submission” durchführen. Hier wäre es sehr toll und fantastisch, TS-Frau als Ausbilderin zu sehen, die Trainings mit weiblichen Auszubildenden macht.

Ich mag Kora Del Rio, aber auch Chanel Santani und Natalie Mars wären toll und fantastisch.

Vielen Dank. Alles Gute.

Wirklich wäre es so toll und perfekt, “TS Girls Trainers” zu sehen. Eine viertägige Ausbildung für weibliche Auszubildende, die von TS-Trainerinnen (Einzel- & Paar) trainiert wird, umfasste auch eine weibliche Gast-Sub. Lassen Sie uns darüber sprechen!

3 years ago

Episode 2 – What Others May Think
It’s the only one without a male in it. Transfixed was one of the reasons I joined Adult Time. You’ve been promising us more Transfixed for over a year – where is it?

Why are you rolling out the carpet like this for TS/M content when Transfixed was award winning and super popular?

I don’t care for any of the other scenes as the male talent in them I cannot identify with. I would love to see some cishet male talent in your TS/M scenes instead of the men you are casting.

So, when are you going to take care of Transfixed fans? Or fans of male-free transwomen content? As it’s just continual disrespect, one upload after the other, one funded and produced project after another.

To be honest, I don’t like being a fan of male-free transwomen content as it sucks, can’t ever get appreciable amount of it – I’ve cash in hand, where’s is it?

Last edited 3 years ago by Gooch
Reply to  Gooch
3 years ago

Well, when are you going to take care of fans of male-free trasnwomen content? When? Ever? And not some backhanded scene or two, thinking that makes it all right. It does not. Meaningful amounts of content. When is it coming? Can you tell me or is that going to be the ever amoprhous and always changing “soon”. Just like you’d been promising Transfixed for over a year.