Adult Time Year in Review 2023

As we step into the new year with excitement and anticipation, we want to take a moment to reflect on the outstanding content and performances that made 2023 truly remarkable. Join us in our “Year in Review 2023” as we showcase the best of Adult Time.

Explore the top categories that captivated audiences, and the upward-trending genres that defined the year for audiences and critics. Relive the most popular episodes, discover the top original channels and top performers who brought countless fantasies to life. So, without further ado, we invite you to dive into our “Year in Review 2023” slideshow below!



Considering Pure Taboo remains, after more than 5 years, our top selling studio brand, it is not surprising to see 3 episodes reaching the top 5 of the most popular straight content released in 2023. Often, Pure Taboo dominates viewership and engagement metrics within our platform. The 3 episodes this year from this juggernaut brand are “If These Walls Could Talk”, “Pampering our Sitter” and “New Family Rule”. Audience interest in age-play themes and older-on-younger pairings remain alive and well with the success of the latter two!

Outside of Pure Taboo, we have “Visiting Family” from our very popular family roleplay series Mommy’s Boy as well as “Try Not To Cum Challenge” from Modern-Day Sins. It is interesting to note that Penny Barber is the only female model in these episodes appearing more than once (on Pure Taboo and Mommy’s Boy) in the straight list of popular content. “Try Not To Cum…” was well-loved due to the high-energy sex present in the scene, a staple of the Modern-Day Sins brand, made even livelier by the group sex aspect and an incredibly strong cast (featuring Emma Hix, Nathan Bronson, Rocky Emerson and AVN Female Performer of the Year Vanna Bardot).

All of the most popular straight episodes in this Year in Review are either threesomes or foursomes, highlighting the increasing demand for group sex we have observed in recent years.




On the Lesbian side, 2 out of the most popular 5 episodes belong to Girlsway’s long-standing taboo series ‘Mommy’s Girl’, which has been Girlsway’s most enjoyed sub-brand since its launch years ago. 

Another hit that topped the charts was Leana Lovings’ very first original scene for Adult Time in “I Always Go To Bed Nude!” on Webyoung. Since her debut, the popular model has gone on to star in over 20 episodes with us, becoming a household name in the industry as well as an official AT Ambassador. 

Rounding out the Top 5 is “Embodiment”, the first episode from the Switch series. Switch is the brainchild of long-time collaborator and AT ambassador Lauren Phillips in her directorial debut. Fans praised the slow buildup of the scene as well as the performances from Victoria Voxxx and long-time Adult Time favorite Casey Calvert.




One of the most interesting observations we can have regarding trans content on Adult Time in the year 2023 is the fact that 4 out of 5 of the most popular episodes from the previous year are from the Oopsie! studio brand, one of our most recent studio launches. This powerhouse series was designed with attracting new viewers in mind thanks to its eye-catching visuals and zany bombastic stories, and generates a lot of new joins for us on a daily basis. With so many new fans pouring in as a result of this series, it is not that surprising that it has led to a shift in viewership leading to Oopsie! episodes dominating the 2023 charts..




The top 5 pieces of original gay content we released in 2023 are emblematic of the experimental approach we have taken with our gay production since adding it to our offerings. It’s been 2 years since we released our first-ever gay episode through our Modern-Day Sins studio brand and in the time since, we have used gay production as a way to figure out what works well with audiences and what we should invest in for growing our future within the gay porn space. 

Amongst the top 5 releases of 2023, we have 2 family roleplay episodes on Daddy’s Boy, our spin-off project inspired by the success we saw on Mommy’s Girl and more recently on Mommy’s Boy. We also have a Modern-Day Sins episode “Coach’s Coming Out”. “What In The Butt”, one of our few gay Oopsie! episodes, also made the list. This was our first episode featuring a “crossdressing” type of scenario and its success helped spearhead our pursuits into femboy content through our newly launched Heteroflexible studio imprint. “Flirty Gamer Femboy Swaps Controller For Cock” is part of that new brand and it is fair to assume based off its success so far that had we launched our Femboyish series (part of Heteroflexible) earlier this year, more of that type of content would have likely found its way into our Year in Review.




‘Anal’, ‘Massage’ and ‘Creampie’ are always fighting for the top of the most popular categories, almost systematically when we observe viewership patterns. While ‘Anal’ and ‘Creampie’ are just very popular categories within the adult industry, ‘massage’ is most likely there because of our huge massage porn catalog and the fact that we have a lot of legacy users that have come in through the Fantasy Massage network throughout the years. Related keywords that also get a lot of yearly traction, such as “DP”, “rimming”, and “NURU”, help show that these top 3 categories have even more lasting power, inspiring audience interest in their own sub-categories and niches over time.

It’s interesting to see MILF and Group Sex rounding out the top in 2023, but not necessarily surprising to any longtime porn fan out there. Both of these tropes have a timeless quality to them and have been popular on many sites, both historically and recently. The constant popularity of these niches is what led us to finance projects such as Mommy’s Boy, Accidental Gangbang, and especially MILF Overload which you may notice combines these two interests under one roof!

If we look at categories that have been trending upward in 2023, VR is at the very top, explained by the fact that it’s been almost a year since we started supporting VR compatibility on Adult Time. We have partnered with many big names in the VR market to gauge the interest in this kind of content, even leading to the release of our own original productions (UP CLOSE VR) in late 2023. ‘Free-Use’ has been a very popular trope for us across various series, introduced at first in our Adult Time Pilots through ‘Free Use Industries’. We have recently even added a tag for the ‘Free-Use’ category after seeing its widespread and growing appeal. Similarly, Futanari content (‘Futa’) has been increasingly popular both on Adult Time and outside of it. We have multiple series featuring this type of content (where female-presenting characters are equipped with both female and male genitalia), most notably AgentRedGirl and F.U.T.A. Sentai Squad, both of which are projects that attracted many new types of customers on Adult Time, changing the landscape from futanari being a lesser-known niche to now being one of our mainstay categories.




Pure Taboo remains, after many years, at the top of our most popular original channels. The brand is a good example of what Adult Time has become known for over time: a cinematic approach to porn and a focus on complex story-telling. Similarly, it is no surprise to see both Mommy’s Boy and Mommy’s Girl reaching the Top 5, considering that they explore, in a more lighthearted way, topics that have been long-time favorites on Pure Taboo (age differences, family roleplay, authority figures, slow seduction, etc).

The fact that both Oopsie! and Transfixed ranked in the top channels on Adult Time also shows that trans content is resonating with more and more viewers, something we have observed frequently when digging into cross-viewership data. Trans content and performers continue to shine brightly on Adult Time, and we love being able to provide a platform to showcase their beauty to the world.




Adult Time Ambassadors Siri Dahl, Leana Lovings and Lauren Phillips have all ascended to the top spots in our ranking of popular performers this year. It’s tough to say whether this is a matter of their historical fan-favorite status within our platform reaching a new peak, or if it’s the direct impact of us working more regularly with our Ambassadors, increasing their exposure to more fans than ever before. More than likely, it’s a mix of both!

Natasha Nice and Penny Barber also make it to the top of the list in 2023. Both women have been frequent collaborators on Adult Time in 2023, and starred in many of the most popular pieces of content released not just this year but in previous years as well, making it no surprise to see them appear on our 2023 top lists.




It’s to be expected that the most popular male performers on Adult Time would be familiar faces, as the talent pool for male performers within the industry is much smaller than the one for female performers.

Seth Gamble has been in countless popular pieces of content over the past 5 years on Adult Time and has worked more broadly as a Gamma Entertainment Ambassador for the past 2 years, extending the relationship beyond being in front of the camera but also becoming an acclaimed director for Pure Taboo collaborations and feature films, among others. 

As for the other male talent on the Top 5, Isaiah Maxwell received multiple nominations across 2023-24 award shows for his performance in Ricky Greenwood’s film ‘Sally Mae: Revenge of the Twin Dragons”. He is also a versatile performer loved by fans and co-stars alike. Codey Steele and Charles Dera boast multiple years of strong performances under their belt, with Charles’ very own venture ‘ToughLoveX’ being one of our beloved partners featured on Adult Time.  Dante Colle has the distinction on the list of being the only performer acting in gay, straight, trans and bi content – appealing to an even wider amount of viewers on our platform.




Trans content has been increasingly popular on the Adult Time platform and we can thank performers like Izzy Wilde, Jade Venus, Ariel Demure, Brittney Kade and Korra Del Rio for it. These stars have helped take trans content to new heights in recent years thanks to their broad appeal, stunning looks, and commitment to their craft making every episode they star in a blockbuster. We have also seen a noted increase in cross-viewership between straight, lesbian and trans content, demonstrating that these trans beauties are attracting new viewers from all walks of life into becoming dedicated fans of trans content.




With series and genre experimentation being our main focus for gay productions in the last year, it’s no surprise that our top performers (just like our most popular gay episodes) cover a wide variety of types. You can see from the eclectic mix of male talent that all tastes are equally welcome, ranging from effeminate twinks such as Sam Ledger & Jack Bailey to athletic jocks like Roman Todd and Calvin Banks to muscular daddies like Drew Sebastian. We look forward to seeing how audience tastes in men may evolve over time, as we continue to grow our fanbase and expand our foothold within the gay porn market in 2024!

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