Customize Your Viewing Experience with “Choose Your Angle”

Hey there, fellow pleasure-seekers! 

We’re beyond excited to introduce you to our latest game-changer feature: “Choose Your Angle”! 

Picture this: you now have the power to watch scenes from not one, not two, but FOUR different angles. It’s like having your own director’s chair right in the palm of your hands!

Finding these multiview gems is a breeze – simply select the “Choose Your Angle” category tag in the video listing page. Also, multiview scenes have a 4-window icon under the scene thumbnail, so you can easily spot them while browsing. It’s like a little wink, letting you know you’re about to embark on a viewing experience like no other.

The feature is available on desktop, mobile and tablet but it’s not compatible in mobile fullscreen and not compatible with Firefox mobile browser. Also, you can’t download the multiview version, but trust us, the single view is still a showstopper.

Now, we know you might be thinking, “And what about my interactive toys, VR gear and action tags?” – hold tight, we’re working on it! While those cool add-ons aren’t in on the fun just yet, we’re cooking up some magic to make it happen in the future.

To use the feature, simply click “Watch Episode,” then click on the “Choose Your Angle” button in the video player. If you want to switch back to the regular scene, just click/tap on “Regular Episode” – easy peasy!

Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills is over the moon about this project, saying, “This project has been a dream for years, I wanted to offer our subscribers the ability to toggle between 4 distinct camera angles in real time and truly personalize which angle they want to focus on while watching high-chemistry pairings enjoy great sex. The production was quite the undertaking but I’m so proud of the final result. We’re launching this unique interactive experience exclusively for Adult Time members to gather feedback so we can continue to innovate and do porn differently!”

So, what are you waiting for? The first “Choose Your Angle” episode is now available on the UP CLOSE channel, featuring the fabulous Codi Vore. And get ready for the upcoming episode featuring Adult Time ambassador Lauren Phillips on April 29.

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