Transfixed Wins DVD Of The Year At The TEA Awards!

We are proud to announce that Adult Time’s first transgender original series, Transfixed, won DVD of the year at the 2020 TEA Awards, also known as the Transgender Erotica Awards. 

Transfixed has been on a winning streak since it launched back in 2018, having won AVN’s Best Transgender Series/Channel and Best Transgender Production.  

“Our ambition with Transfixed was to collaborate with the beautiful trans and cis women in our industry to create art, capture authentic chemistry, and offer our spin on this side of lesbian sexuality,” said Bree Mills, Adult Time’s chief creative officer and director of Transfixed. 

Everyone at Adult Time is thrilled with the tremendous success of our first transgender original series and we’re very excited to announce that season two will begin shooting as soon as our production resumes. 

“Between critical success and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from performers and fans alike, it’s fair to say people can expect more of this type of content on our platform in the near future,” said Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s marketing director. “We feel very humbled by the recognition our Transfixed series has received.” 

So get ready to feast your eyes on the world’s hottest trans sex (again).

In the meantime, watch the complete first season by visiting the Transfixed channel on Adult Time.

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4 months ago

why do you not have women topping Trans. that would awsome. Most of the hottest trans stars are bottoms. They can not get hard because of Hormones. Wake up

4 months ago

This was the best channel on adult time. When are you going to start shooting again?

Eric Adult Time
Eric Adult Time
Reply to  user_25094036
4 months ago

It will be back soon! We have an announcement coming around July 4th.

6 months ago

I really enjoyed Transfixed so much and I am so happy you are about to begin filming new scenes soon and looking forward to watching each one over and over just like the first season

7 months ago

WTF! You had award winning Trans porn. I mean great Trans porn! TS on TS on cis female Fantastic porn! It was fantastic! It was award winning! And now you have crap for Trans porn. I am seeing a lot more Trans porn showing up recently. But all of it is guys topping a trans. I do not want to see that! Trans on trans on cis girls was award winning! So you drop the ball and do the opposite. Guys topping trans and apparently telling us that this it is great. tic-toc… I will be gone soon

I am just trying to figure out, what is wrong with you people…

8 months ago

Near future? In the eight months since that blog post there has been 120 TS uploads, and counting the upcoming in the Upcoming section there’s 129. By my count there was 27 TS scenes since that blog post that had no males in it and TS/F? Astonishingly rare, there may be one or two in those 27. Those 27? Represents only 22.5% of the TS uploads in the interim period.

Not just Transfixed, but TS/F content on Adult Time as a whole – what happened? And when can we expect some? (Not dribbles and drops, meaningful amounts that the engagement and numbers actually warrant.)