Interview With Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde stars in Adult Time/Girlsway’s newest docu-series “The Oral Experiment” directed by Bree Mills. With Q and A interviews and fantastic and very legit girl/girl chemistry, the series also stars Emily Willis, Kenna James, Kristen Scott, Reagan Foxx and Abigail Mac. Here’s what Wilde had to say about starring in this excellent ode to great head.

Hello, Jane! How are you doing? How are things?
“Hi! I’m doing OK. And things are…happening.”

Congrats on starring in Adult Time/Girlsway’s The Oral Experiment? How is it having it out there for your fans?
“Thank you for the congrats. I was very excited and of course honored that Bree chose me to participate in this new series concept. I love that the fans are loving my scene with my best friend Emily Willis.”

What do you love most about how it came out?
“I love the interview aspect before the sex scene. It’s just such a fun way for people to see what we are like as people, not just adult film stars. The way it was all edited was so brilliant. It felt meaningful.”

What do you love most about giving another woman oral? What do you love most about receiving?
“I love pleasuring a woman. Whatever I can do to bring pleasure to a woman makes me so happy. I’ll go crazy when I go down on a woman because I really want her to have the best experience possible. And I like having sex with female partners that feel the same way so it makes giving and receiving amazing and unique experiences.”

How is being directed by Bree Mills? What do you like most about working with her?
“Being directed by Bree is such a great experience. She is just so in tune with her creativity and she really knows what she wants in terms of the message she wants to send. She makes everything very easy to understand and gives great direction. I’m honored to work with her everytime. I think I like her creativity the most and the new concepts and ideas she is always coming up with.”

How was working with Emily Willis in this?
“Working with Emily is always a blast. We have done several scenes together throughout our friendship and careers, and everytime is different and amazing. We had not yet gotten to do a full passionate lesbian scene where we were free to do completely as we wished. She’s such a good performer and our friendship gives us a chemistry that makes working with her really fun.”

What do you enjoy most about working for Adult Time/Girlsway?
“When I work for Adult Time and Girlsway, I know it’s going to be a fun day on set no matter what we are shooting. All the crew members who work for Adult Time are a joy to work and collaborate with. Adult Time has some of my favorite sites to shoot for like Girlsway, Pure Taboo and Burning Angel, so I just know it’s going to be a day of shooting something great with people who are excited to make porn.”

What do you think more people need to learn about how to orally please a woman?
“Listen. Listen and ask questions. How will you know what someone likes if you don’t ask? It’s totally mortifying to be a woman and have someone doing something you don’t like, and have to say “can you stop, I don’t like that”. At least for me it is. I would much rather someone start slow and take their time to figure out what I’m into with verbal cues, rather than just launching into some method that they always use that I’m not into!”

What is coming up for you? What should your fans be on the lookout for?
“I definitely have some crazy and amazing scenes that will be coming out. I can’t say exactly when, I’m sure schedules have changed due to what’s happening. But my scenes will be dropping until we are able to shoot again, you will never have to go without Jane Wilde. ;)”

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
“To my fans- as always, thank you for everything. You are the reason I’m here. Love you!!!”

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