Biopic STARS Spotlights Jane Wilde in Her Directorial Debut

Adult Time proudly presents the release of STARS, a revealing look at one woman’s journey towards growth and redemption out of the shadows of a painful past, starring Jane Wilde who also marks her directorial debut with the ambitious project. Told as a series of memories during Wilde’s final months as an 18 year old, she finds her own path into professional sex work after being manipulated by an older man.

“This film is the first step in what will be a lifetime of healing and reflection due to my experience. I’m honored that I was given the opportunity to turn what was a traumatic period of my life into art that can be consumed by so many people; I’ve always loved writing, and getting my thoughts out onto a page just feels right for me,” said Wilde.

“STARS was the experience of a lifetime for me to star in, write and co-direct. I’ve been thinking back a lot lately to the time of my life depicted in STARS, something I was scared to do until this year. I could never have imagined I’d be where I am now as a teenager living in Queens. My circumstances have changed, but what I was able to take away from those experiences will stay with me forever – as well as the experience of creating this film. I’ve learned that life is what you make of it. Thank you for letting me share a piece of my story with you.”

Wilde co-wrote and co-directed with Bree Mills. “When Jane first approached me with STARS, I knew we had to get behind it!” said “It helps to reclaim a narrative that is so often spoken for and/or used against sex workers.  What struck me most is how objective and relatable her experience was and, for that, I knew it was important to help empower her to share her story and be able to have the creative control to tell it authentically.”

“Working on STARS was a surreal experience; my relationship with Jane dates back to her first-ever scene, so I was super honored to get to play a character who had such an impact in her life and to be given the responsibility to play that out. It means a lot to me that Jane felt safe enough with me to take on this role,” said Seth Gamble.

“Those who know me best know how serious I take my career from performing to acting, but I felt emotionally connected to this as well considering the source material and my history with Jane, and did not take that lightly. It’s hard to fully put into words how much this project means to me! Having Jane co-direct this film with Bree was a beautiful sight to see and be a part of. She knew exactly what she wanted and executed without any compromise to her vision. I’m really excited for everybody to see what was created. It’s an important film about a true-life story!”

Watch now!

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