The Plus-Sized Power Of Body Positivity In Adult Works

Written by FRANK STACY If you were to ask me, Frank Stacy, about my top 5 projects at Adult Time, “Shape of Beauty” would undoubtedly secure a spot. As a self-proclaimed chubby-chaser and a devotee of curvy women, this project was a dream come true—a labor of love that had been brewing in my mind […]

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Producing Porn Responsibly During A Pandemic

Written by FRANK STACY C-O-V-I-D. Those five letters once upon a time didn’t mean anything at all to any of us, but in early 2020 they took on a new meaning, defining a troubling and uncertain era that we still feel the ripples of to this day. The pandemic threw the whole world into turmoil […]

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Gay Porn For The Straight Guy

Written by FRANK STACY If you’ve taken a stroll through Adult Time recently, you might have noticed something unusual to the industry but indispensable to us – a navigation feature emphasizing our commitment to sexual inclusivity that is baked directly into how the platform functions. We call it the ‘Sexual Preferences Center,’ a handy easy-to-use […]

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Rolling Back the Years: Q&A With The Star Of ‘Grinders’

This May marks two years since the cinematic release of ‘Grinders,’ the ultimate throwback film to the rebellious spirit of 90s skateboarding culture. In 2022, Adult Time unleashed this coming-of-age gem by Director of the Year winner Ricky Greenwood, capturing the raw energy of an era where skaters ruled the streets and lovers’ angst ruled […]

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The Many Eras Of Girlsway: How Our Iconic Brand Continues To Reinvent Itself

Written by BREE MILLS Out of all the creative endeavors I’ve had the honor of developing and showrunning throughout my time as Chief Creative Officer, I think none is closer to my heart than Girlsway. Both as a perennial crowd-pleaser and as a sentimental rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs, I remain to this day so […]

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Sizzling Tapes And Streaming Triumphs: A Vivid History

Written by FRANK STACY We’re about to dive into the spicy saga of Vivid Entertainment, the true OG trailblazers of the adult industry. From sordid sex tapes to porn-defining parodies, Vivid has been the studio breaking news since before “breaking the internet” was a thing (2014 Kim K’s got nothing on 2007 Kim K!) Vivid […]

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Introducing Seth Gamble: Adult Time’s Newest Brand Ambassador!

We’re thrilled to announce that Seth Gamble is joining Adult Time as our newest Brand Ambassador! This partnership marks an extension of Seth’s existing relationship with Gamma Entertainment, Adult Time’s parent company, where he has been a brand representative, producer, and director since 2021. In Seth’s own words, “I’m thrilled to expand my responsibilities with […]

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Studying Animation 101 At Hentai High School

Written by 3X WEST Opening shot: A young man, lanky and self-conscious with shaggy hair that covers his eyes, approaches the looming, daunting gates of a prestigious-looking school. His body language is timid, hesitant – he has dreamed of attending this school all his life, but now that his dream future is literally and figuratively […]

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The Rundown – And Rubdown – Of Fantasy Massage’s Origins

Written by FRANK STACY In the fast-paced world of adult entertainment, sometimes we forget to appreciate the milestones that paved the way for us to evolve and grow. Adult Time may be a bastion of original content now, with dozens of series and feature films under our production umbrella, but our humble beginnings started with […]

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Our Wacky Adventure Into Ad-Ventures

Written by BREE MILLS This April, we’re celebrating Adult Time’s 5-year Anniversary! As part of the festivities, we’re excited to launch a daily spotlight series on projects that have contributed to Adult Time’s success. Our inaugural spotlight shines on Oopsie!, an innovative ad-driven series that has captured hearts and minds in the world of adult […]

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