The Plus-Sized Power Of Body Positivity In Adult Works

Written by FRANK STACY

If you were to ask me, Frank Stacy, about my top 5 projects at Adult Time, “Shape of Beauty” would undoubtedly secure a spot. As a self-proclaimed chubby-chaser and a devotee of curvy women, this project was a dream come true—a labor of love that had been brewing in my mind for as long as I’ve been with Gamma Entertainment (and that’s quite a while).

Call it serendipity, fate, or just plain dumb luck that I had the incredible fortune to network with Karla Lane, the iconic adult film actress, model, and social media sensation, whose name is synonymous with plus-size talent. Winner of the 2021 AVN Niche Artist of the Year award and a proud advocate for body positivity, Karla’s own desire to see more curvy representation in mainstream porn intersected with our earnest vision behind “Shape of Beauty.”

The project took flight in the fall of 2018 when Karla boarded a plane to Montreal to shoot the debut episode of the series, “Dripping With Desire”. Paired with local model Alex Duca and a crew well-versed in capturing the allure of plus-size lingerie models for major fashion retailers, it was a match made in heaven. The steam rose between the two both figuratively and literally, fogging up both the glassy shower walls and our camera lenses with their boiling-hot chemistry.

Karla’s extensive industry experience and my affinity for what fans love most about BBW porn, owing to my own deep familiarity with industry giants like Score and Plumperpass, brought both passion and professionalism to the creative direction for “Shape of Beauty.” Our lofty goal, beyond just producing a magical series in its own right, was to hope to foster more acceptance of body diversity, not just within this one series but throughout the entirety of the Adult Time platform by introducing more audiences to dozens of talented beautiful women who often have to work twice as hard to get as much exposure as their skinnier peers.

Casting posed its own set of challenges, given that most plus-size performers operate independently, sans agents and running in a completely different circle of contacts and connections than ours. With a mission to showcase the wide spectrum of appeal of plus-size bodies, we turned to social media using different tactics than we normally would, such as cold-calling and open casting announcements, to reach more performers and establish a direct line to them in ways that were completely new for us. Fortunately we got overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses from so many amazing stars interested in collaborating – which really encouraged us and bolstered our faith that we were making something special.

The impact of “Shape of Beauty” was felt by us, even long after the series had run its course. Beyond the words of heartfelt appreciation we’ve gotten from fans and talent alike who saw themselves and their attractions represented with love and care, we also have seen in the years since that this series helped set the precedent for studios to give more chances to plus-sized performers. The ripple effect is evident as curvier performers now grace the videos and advertisements of more mainstream porn sites than in years past, and Adult Time itself has used this series as a standard to be more bold in our project decisions, seeking out opportunities to bring underrepresented communities and categories into our family of products.

As we toast to the 5-year milestone of Adult Time, “Shape of Beauty” remains one of our fondest achievements. It is more than just adult entertainment; it’s a celebration of diverse beauty and a testament to the evolving landscape of the industry. Often, when our staff are asked to name their favorite series on Adult Time, they mention this one – even employees who were hired long after its release. But it’s not hard to see why… “Shape Of Beauty” latches onto your heart as a beacon of honest optimism and a breath of fresh air in the realm of plus-size erotica. Bigger truly is better, our love for this series is as big as they come.

Watch a full Shape of Beauty scene for free here!

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