Coming Soon: Lesbian Dating Stories

Adult Time’s 2nd pilot, Lesbian Dating Stories: Her Roommates Don’t Know, will be available on October 26! This is a romantic series, showing anecdotes of the most funny and cringeworthy dating tales every lesbian goes through.

In this story, the protagonist (Whitney Wright) has been dating a woman (Anny Aurora) for a few weeks. Anny takes Whitney to her place for the first time, but when they arrive, they’re shocked to find that Anny’s roommates are still home!

To make matters worse, Anny’s roommates don’t know that she’s a lesbian. Anny really wants Whitney to stay, as she has a nice evening planned for them but they can’t act like lesbians in front of her roommates. Whitney isn’t thrilled but agrees.

The roommates are nice but they constantly interrupt their cute moments. Whitney can’t take it anymore and tells Anny they need to go to her bedroom right now. Anny agrees and they finally get to enjoy their date to the fullest!

We’d love to get your feedback after you watch it. Let us know what you think below or in the members area comments section.

Click here to watch the trailer!

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