Introducing Intimately POV With Adult Time Brand Ambassador Leana Lovings

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new series, Intimately POV, in collaboration with Adult Time Brand Ambassador Leana Lovings. This exclusive series, created by Leana with the support of Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills, made its debut this month. The first episode, “Under the Sheets” premiered on March 13, and the second episode, “A Girl and Her Canvas” is set to release on March 27.

Intimately POV is a unique collection of realistic intimacy-focused POV roleplay stories designed to evoke feelings of love and connection in the viewer. Featuring an exceptional cast including Leana herself and fan favorites Anna Claire Clouds, Isiah Maxwell, and Seth Gamble, the series promises to deliver captivating and immersive experiences.

In Leana’s words, “Intimately POV is a project I hold close to heart. It’s supposed to embody the sincerity of human interaction, tied with memory-like moments of touch that blend seamlessly with the rest of the POV perspective. I want it to guide listeners into feeling cared for, loved and breathlessly aroused, willing to watch it over and over again to relive the moment.”

The debut episode, “Under The Sheets,” stars Leana and Isiah in a romantic girlfriend-experience POV encounter that captures the essence of waking up beside a new lover. Following this, “A Girl and her Canvas” features Anna Claire Clouds in a compelling narrative where she finds inspiration in an unexpected source, portrayed by Seth Gamble.

Seth shared his excitement about working on Leana’s project, “I had such a fun experience getting to work on Leana Loving‘s brand new project! I loved how detail oriented she was about what she wanted and I love how this POV exuded the intimacy Leana was trying to execute. I’m super proud of her. I know this was the first time she’s gotten to direct for Adult Time. I was honored to be a part of it and I’m excited for the audience’s reaction!”

Leana expressed her gratitude, “Bree Mills, Siouxsie Q, Michael Vegas (and Monster Mouth crew) and the entirety of the Adult Time team has supported me in this creative endeavor, and I’m excited to see it make its way out into the world. I really loved having a professional crew help ‘set the stage’ for my ideas, and their years of experience in lighting, angling of the camera, all of it contributed to this piece. The set itself was beautifully done and I couldn’t have asked for better people to be alongside for this journey as Adult Time’s Brand Ambassador!”

Bree Mills emphasized the platform’s commitment to supporting ambassadors like Leana in bringing their unique ideas to life. “This is porn done differently!” she remarked. “It’s not just about working closely with our core crews and ambassadors to bring our various series to life. It’s also about working with them to bring their ideas to life as well! This has always been in our DNA as a platform and I’m excited to see how our audience responds to Leana’s series!”

Start watching Intimately POV now!

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