Our Wacky Adventure Into Ad-Ventures

Written by BREE MILLS

This April, we’re celebrating Adult Time’s 5-year Anniversary! As part of the festivities, we’re excited to launch a daily spotlight series on projects that have contributed to Adult Time’s success. Our inaugural spotlight shines on Oopsie!, an innovative ad-driven series that has captured hearts and minds in the world of adult entertainment. Join us on this celebratory journey as we explore the stories behind the projects that have shaped Adult Time’s legacy.

Let’s get started…

Despite the name, Oopsie! was no accident. In fact, it’s been one of our most important launches and our most carefully constructed productions, down to even coordinating the colors of the outfits and designing props to be seen in the background. You may be asking, why does this particular series get such special treatment? Well, buckle up, because we’re taking you on a ride into the intriguing universe of advertisements.

Let’s be real, ads are crucial in the adult content world. They’re the flashy gateways to discovering our platform, and whether you love them or not, they’re an essential part of the game. They not only expose new audiences to our platform, but they also help us fund other series and special projects that are important to us, to our collaborators, and to our audiences. But just because ads are a “necessary evil”, doesn’t mean we can’t produce them with a little less “evil” and a little more heart. I’m on a mission to change perceptions about adult entertainment, and ads play a crucial role in that mission.

Picture this: wacky, eye-catching banners on free sites that make you do a double take. Yep, those are the ones! Every big player in the adult entertainment scene uses them – it’s not just about revenue, it’s about branding too. A way to quickly get heads turning for any new niches or projects we want to develop. And guess what? It’s not just about slapping together some provocative visuals; it’s a science!

Enter our Media Buying team, the unsung heroes behind the scenes. They’re the maestros of ad campaigns, measuring clicks, conversion rates, and the whole shebang. What they discovered early on, is that trying to stitch together an ad from any ol’ piece of content wasn’t working for their needs. What we really wanted was a product, a series that was made with ads in mind from the start. Something where the marketing potential was infused in every step of the process. So in 2022, we dropped Oopsie!, our quirky brainchild, into the ad landscape.

Now, you might be wondering, what sets an Oopsie! episode apart from the rest? Well, grab your popcorn and let me give you the scoop.

First off, traditional content decisions are often based on viewership data from Adult Time and various tube sites. For Oopsie!, it’s a different ballgame. Our Media Buying team takes the reins in collaboration with the crew responsible for the final product, and their mandate is to try wild, out-of-the-box ideas that will REALLY stand out. After all, an ad has to immediately grab the attention of your casual, everyday person browsing and never let go. It needs to make you so curious, so intrigued that you simply must click to find out more. And that takes a lot of thought, trial-and-error, and results analysis to get right.

While regular pre-production revolves around how to capture the essence of a specific fantasy, ad scenes are a whole different beast. We’re talking about planning production days with advertisement assets in mind, making it easier to market our content after it’s cooked to perfection. It’s like baking a cake, but instead of flour and sugar, we’re mixing storyboards, trailer sequences, graphic designs, and marketing copy. We’re constantly tweaking the recipe, working out the kinks as we grow our understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Surprisingly, Oopsie! has not only exceeded our expectations for being our first ad-driven series, but it’s happily also landed in the sweet spot of our members’ hearts, especially with its focus on trans content. It seems we stumbled onto a universal appeal that resonates across sexual preferences in our diverse ecosystem. This means we’re not just making ads for ads’ sake anymore either – we’re also delighting our customers too. And that’s something you can’t put a price on!

So what have we learned from Oopsie!’s earliest results? Well, it’s a goldmine of insights that we’re applying to other brands and projects. We’ve managed to carry some of our improvements to production planning over to other projects, and the insights that successful ads have given us are often able to be used to inform new episode and series ideas outside of just the wacky comedy genre.

And here’s the kicker – these ad series aren’t just about trying wild ideas and seeing what sticks; they’re about staying on top of trends, working with new pornstars, and exploring fresh concepts that may have lasting appeal. We use Oopsie! not just to grow our audience, but to bring innovation to our existing members, identifying all the most popular tropes and niches to deliver to both new and existing fans.

So there you have it, the untold story behind the flashy banners and quirky ad projects. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting experiments because, hey, who said adult entertainment can’t be fun, full of heart, and still make some sales along the way? Cheers to breaking the mold and changing perceptions, one Oopsie! at a time!

Watch a full Oopsie! scene for free here!

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