Happy Pride!

Pride is never over! We should stand up for diversity throughout the year. That’s why, even if the month is ending soon, we’d like to suggest a selection of our most popular episodes and series to keep the celebrations going!

We hope that these will be gateways to greater openness and new discoveries!

Happy pride!


The Oral Experiment: Jane Wilde and Emily Willis

Subscribers: Watch It Here

The Oral Experiment was a heartwarming, hilarious, and very intimate LGBTQ+ reality series.  After Bree Mills tweeted an open call “looking for girls who really really really love eating pussy for a new project. It’s for science!,” she received over 250 responses from women requesting to participate.  These women have been strategically paired based on their genuine real-life lesbian chemistry and member requests to see them together. 


Being Trans 24/7

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Transfixed’s documentary series Being Trans 24/7 seeks to explore the varied and deeply personal experiences of what it means to be trans in today’s society. Each episode is a “portrait” of trans individuals from all walks of life – from different generations, different backgrounds and cultures. Shot by and showcasing trans creators, Being Trans 24/7 wants to empower more trans voices and give them a platform to share their stories with the world. 


Shape Of Beauty: Love, Lust, Respect

Subscribers: Watch It Here

An Adult Time Original Series, Shape of Beauty was a highly stylized fashion-inspired anthology featuring the most beautiful plus size women in the adult industry. A glamorous mix of hardcore sex, BBW legends and fresh faces with full figures. A celebration of all forms of beauty!


Transgressive Films

Subscribers: Watch It Here

Following in the footsteps of Transfixed, Transgressive Films brings new levels of exposure to trans porn. It challenges the treatment of trans individuals in society and in the adult industry by tackling the stigmas and prejudices towards trans people in thought-provoking content by offering true-to-life content and reflecting trans people’s real struggles with recognition and acceptance.


We Like Girls

Subscribers: Watch It Here

 Featuring real-life friends and couples, We Like Girls concept was based around authentic chemistry. Season 2 was the XBIZ 2020 Award winner for “All-Girl Non-Feature Release of the Year”.



Without giving too much away, we would like to share with you a bit of what to expect in the coming months.

First of all, following in the footsteps of our lesbian survey, keep an eye out for our girl-girl production. Your comments have been greatly appreciated and taken into account.

Another good news is that our Transfixed studio will resume full production in September with 2 episodes per month! More to be announced soon.

We’ll publish a behind-the-scenes blog post this week about the wrapping of our latest feature project Casey: A True Story. Based on the life of award-winning adult performer, Casey Kisses, it is an emotional and uplifting look at one trans woman’s journey to become herself in the most unlikely of places… Coming out in September 2021.


What is your favorite Pride themed content on Adult Time? Are you excited to discover our new series? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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1 month ago

I adored “The Oral Experiment” 3 part series, especially the episode with Emily Willis and Jane Wilde. That one seemed like a perfect episode for We Like Girls. What I adore about We Like Girls is the pairing of girls who adore each other, but I wish it were more naturally really lesbian focussed as the Willis/Wilde episode was. Too much, way, way too much of Addulttime’s lesbian series are focused on “male gaze” crap, like tribbing, which some lesbians do but not 90% of the time as is so depicted in AT’s lesbian content. I wish y’all would make lesbian sex REAL, & use some of the Internet’s lesbian educators have a voice about what REAL lesbian sex is all about.

1 month ago

Hopefully more men to men channels too.

1 month ago

I enjoyed the Oral Experiment, but I really like The We Like Girls Project. That was fantastic. I would love to see more content just like that. It featured some amazing lesbian lovemaking, a dose of reality among all the pornstary fakery that rules the day. Alina Lopez and Kendra Spade set the bar I feel, and it needs to be strove for once again. I don’t understand how this didn’t immediately green lit for more seasons. Casey Kisses and Kylie Le Beau was fantastic too. My only issue with it? The bits that showed/featured non-models (I’m not here to see that/them; I left ALS Scans due to their insistance on featuring crew in the shots). Otherwise that was great.

Transgressive Films, I did not like. One episode was great (Ember and Korra), the rest was the same old, same old – sex, male talent, etc. The Johnny Hill episode was ludicrous in his portrayal, coming off as quite the mopey, whiny mope. Draven? No way to identify with that individual either. Transgressive would have been 100% better, at that, if you would have cast some cishet male talent in there, instead of the same group of bisexual males that take all the roles in transwomen films, perpetuating stereotypes that still exist. Poor choice to debut this before Transfixed.

Shape of Beauty, I did not like. BBW is not for me, prefer sweet & petite or long & lean.

Being Trans 24/7 was laughably poor. Bad sex, bad decisions (the beard?), dirty feet and stockings in one, FtM performers, some episodes being on the Gay side, thus being wasted uploads for those with Gay set to Hide – far too much of this was simply a turn off, instead of a turn on. Could have been so much better. The interviews were the best parts, pretty much, to get to know the performers better (only watched two, the male free ones, well, supposed male free ones).


Didn’t like any but The We Like Girls project, and The Oral Experiment to a lesser extent. The problem with most of the stuff up there is it’s mooning for industry awards (aka a circle jerk) and positive press instead of being concerned with the number one thing you all should be focusing on – turning on the majority of your membership base and making them cum.

In the Upcoming section of the blog post, about the lesbian content – I’m watching the Upcoming Section like a hawk. Regarding Transfixed resuming production in September, is that starting filming in September (meaning three more months for episodes after that) or does that mean two episode per month ready starting in September? Also, will there be fucking or will it be Bree’s enforced “Flaccidity Fetish” she seems intent on pushing? The first episode back is a slap in the face of fans of Transfixed, or male free transwomen content, and have been waiting for over a year to see … and you come out with a non-hardcore, no sex penetration, no erection, flaccid and limp scene? The absolute gall of Bree Mills. Casey: A True Story? Looks terrible by the crew shots you posted online, it looks like more of the same old same old – males with transwomen. Played out! Overdone! The numbers are calling for more of the opposite … yet count on AT to push their agenda instead.

Overall? Hope Transfixed features plenty of rock hard transwomen fucking their partners. I’m eagerly waiting the change in your lesbian films (including the prior to the Survey announced more realistic pleasure emoting promised by the end of August). But the rest? What rest? Transfixed and Casey? Or the lesbian content? Kind of left us hanging there with the “Are you excited to discover our new series?” What ones? Casey is a movie, and looks to be same old TS/M content. Transfixed isn’t really a new series, it’s a new season. Can’t really answer that one.

In the final analysis, I’d like you all to focus more on making folks cum instead of making porn out of the insular circle jerk it appears that you all are catering to in attempts to get their approval (the adult industry and press).

Blue | Adult Time
Blue | Adult Time
Reply to  Gooch
26 days ago

Hey Gooch! Casey is out in September, and The Fairest Of Them All with Natalie Mars will be out in September as well. We have more Transfixed updates scheduled for that month too. As for Casey, the film is based on Casey’s true transition story. We casted accordingly.

1 month ago

You should add age and beauty here. A wonderful statement on the beauty of older women!