Adult Time’s First-Ever Gay Production!

We at Adult Time are taking a big step this winter with our first-ever original gay production as part of our new studio, Modern-Day Sins, launching January 1st 2022.

Since its inception in 2019, Adult Time and its collected brands and studios have produced and released award-winning and audience-acclaimed series and films catering to fans of straight, lesbian, trans, and bisexual porn. With gay porn being a glaring exception, we always knew we would want to introduce it into our catalog – but only once we felt we could properly do it justice and give its viewers a home on our platform.

In the past year, we’ve made some gamechanging developments that have helped Adult Time become more inclusive than ever towards audiences of different sexual preferences. The biggest of these has been a site feature that allows users to permanently curate their feeds by toggling their sexual preferences to show or hide entire content catalogs.

This change has allowed us to take Adult Time in exciting directions that were previously impossible. We’ve begun expanding many of our existing brands to introduce trans and bisexual new releases, allowing us to reach new audiences without negatively impacting the browsing experience for existing fans. We’ve also been working on more ways to filter content so users can now hide individual sites and categories that don’t interest them.

And last but certainly not least, it’s allowed us to bring gay content to Adult Time at long last! We started first by partnering up with popular gay porn studios earlier in 2021 to bring selections of some of their best content onto our platform. Now as we look towards 2022 we enter our next phase, with the first original gay content produced and released by Adult Time!

It’s a new year, new site, and new sins as we prepare for our biggest launch in years with Modern-Day Sins, releasing January 1st 2022. One of the most important elements we knew we wanted to include from the very beginning, was to build our first studio that was truly all-inclusive – straight, lesbian, trans, bisexual, and without a doubt to include gay in that list at long last. This is just the start for gay content on Adult Time, and we have big plans in mind for the coming years – but while we work on those behind the scenes, in the meantime here’s what gay porn fans can look forward to as we introduce you to Modern-Day Sins and our master brand Adult Time for the very first time.

Adult Time is a streaming service for adults, with over 300 channels and growing. Boasting both original series you won’t find anywhere else, as well as channels showcasing partner content from many of the best brands in the industry, we offer our entire collection of brands and series for a single subscription price. No channel upsells, pay-per-minute or locked updates, you get access to it ALL with your membership.


Adult Time’s gay channels

As a subscriber, joining Adult Time will give you access to a curation of updates from several popular gay and bisexual porn sites we’ve partnered with, such as Naked Sword, Gay Hoopla, Bi Guys Fuck, Disruptive Films, Chaos Men, Biphoria, and more. We will be expanding to partner with even more gay studios in the coming year to continue to make Adult Time an exciting space for new viewers.


On January 1st, we will be releasing our first-ever gay production “Greedy Creampies: Help A Buddy Out” as part of Modern-Day Sins’ 7-scene launch event! If you like what you see, stick around, because we’ll be releasing a new gay Modern-Day Sins every quarter. While that may not seem like much for now, we have big plans to scale up our gay productions in the year to follow – we promise this is just the beginning!

Greedy Creampies: Help A Buddy Out

Our first release stars Dalton Riley and Beaux Banks as two straight buddies who stumble upon a porno while channel-surfing in their cramped bachelor pad. Dalton bemoans the fact that his girlfriend would never do any of the hot and raunchy sex acts as seen on TV – especially not a creampie finish. He’d do ANYTHING to bust a nut inside of a warm hole, ANY hole at this point…

Beaux sees Dalton giving him the side-eye and asks what Dalton’s looking at him like that for – he’d better not be getting any funny ideas. Dalton reminds Beaux he’d be out on the street if it weren’t for Dalton letting him move in, and besides, Beaux’s prolonged stay is exactly what’s made it so hard for either of them to have a private moment in weeks. So Beaux owes him one – it’s only fair to help a buddy out when he’s in need.

Beaux protests but can see Dalton won’t let the subject go, so he begrudgingly agrees, as long as nobody ever finds out – and Dalton had better not try to do anything weird like look him in the eyes or some shit. But as both jocks get more turned on than they thought they would from fucking their best bud, they find themselves having a harder and harder time keeping their eyes, hands, OR mouths to themselves. By the time Dalton’s ready to cum inside Beaux’s ass, putting up a pretense is the farthest thing from either of their minds…

With still a few weeks to go before January 1st arrives, this sneak preview will have to be enough to tide you over for now. Let us know what you think in the comments below – are you excited to see Dalton fill Beaux up? What other gay pairings and stories would you like to see on Modern-Day Sins? We’re very excited to hear what you have to say, and to finally welcome gay viewers to Adult Time at long last!

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1 year ago

I’m looking for some really good sex

2 years ago

Very excited. Dalton Riley is so sexy.

2 years ago

It’s really nice to see gay men being represented too 🌈

2 years ago

Awesome! I’m looking forward to this series. I love creampies!