What’s Coming in November 2021

Here’s a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in November 2021. We hope you enjoy them!



November 3 – Hentai Sex School – 2nd Semester Episode 2: History

This time, the stakes are high! No more f*** around… or not?

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Featuring: Kira Noir, BakuSatsuHo, April ONeil, Serene Siren, Jake Adams, Wolf Hudson

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: It’s the first event of the 4Play Games, which is taking place in Hentai Sex School’s indoor swimming pool. The excitement in the air is electrifying as Ms. Karma introduces all of the schools and their team captains. Thrustwell Academy, Fuck University, Fet Tech, and Intercourse Institute of Sexology are ALL ready to take on Hentai Sex School on its home turf. But as Preston Longprick of Thrustwell Academy recognizes and mocks Penny, there is tension in the air. As Penny becomes a bit secretive about how she knows Preston, Nathan tries to contain his jealousy…

But they have to put all that aside and pick who is going to compete in the first event. It’s a ladies-only event that requires ladies to use their breasts and butts to bump opponents off a platform and into the pool. Nathan doesn’t hesitate to pick Misty (Kira Noir) but when she sees she’s up against Roxy Rumble (BakuSatsuHo) of Fuck University, she becomes nervous. Just like with Penny, it seems as though Misty’s past has caught up with her, too! But will Misty be able to put her past behind her to win the first event and keep Hentai Sex School in the 4Play Games?



November 10 – Caught Fapping – Diddling In The Dark

A classic episode of Caught Fapping that is sure to please our members!

Featuring: Derrick Pierce, Haley Spades

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: An electrician brings his teenage daughter along to a call at a man’s house. When he leaves the homeowner and the teen alone to go work, the horny daughter sets her sights on the homeowner.


November 10 – Transfixed – Bridal Reservations

Great chemistry, reciprocal oral, topping, footjobs, kissing, 69 face fucking, the whole 9 yards.  Sound good to you?

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Featuring: Lola Fae, Korra Del Rio

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Korra Del Rio is standing in her room as a stylist puts the finishing touches on her gorgeous wedding makeup. She looks absolutely stunning in her wedding dress — almost as if she’s just stepped off the cover of a wedding magazine.

When Lola Fae arrives, they are immediately taken in by Korra’s beauty, though they try to remain professional. But Korra is a bit taken aback, noting that Lola isn’t the same photographer she and her husband-to-be were working with before. Lola confirms that they weren’t — something had come up — but that they’ll take just as good care of Korra’s special day.

Soon, Lola begins taking picture after picture of Korra, capturing her in as much detail as possible as she prepares for walking down the aisle. Even though each picture captures Korra’s beauty, there’s a certain reservation that’s captured as well. Despite this, each snap of the camera seems to build an unexpected heat between them… until Lola brings up the husband-to-be.

When Korra abruptly pulls away, Lola thinks they’ve ruined everything. When they question what’s wrong, they are stunned to learn that Korra doesn’t want to think about her husband right now… She only wants to think of Lola!

From that moment on, there’s no turning back.


November 13 – Mommy’s Boy – He’s MY Darling Boy!

Who did it best? Mommy’s boy…

Featuring: Kayla Paige, Kit Mercer, Diego Perez

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: Two stepmoms are extremely competitive over their stepson because of their sexual attraction to him. There is bitterness and rivalry between them since one stepmom is from an earlier marriage to the stepson’s dad and is still an active part of his life. The stepmoms compete fiercely for the stepson’s affections but often ignore him or disregard his feelings in the process. One day, it all boils over when one of the stepmoms tries to get the stepson to move away with her. This leads to a tug-of-war as both stepmoms grab the stepson, pulling him back and forth between them. That’s when the stepson finally decides that enough is enough! He offers himself up for sex to calm them down and prove once and for all that he loves them BOTH equally!


November 13 – Mommy’s Girl – She’s MY Darling Girl!

…or Mommy’s girl! It’s up to our members to decide!

Featuring: Kayla Paige, Kit Mercer, Lily Larimar

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Two stepmoms are extremely competitive over their stepdaughter because of their sexual attraction to her. There is bitterness and rivalry between them since one stepmom is from an earlier marriage to the stepdaughter’s biological mom and is still an active part of the stepdaughter’s life. The stepmoms compete fiercely for the stepdaughter’s affections but often ignore her or disregard her feelings in the process. One day, it all boils over when one of the stepmoms tries to get the stepdaughter to move away with her. This leads to a tug-of-war as both stepmoms grab the stepdaughter, pulling her back and forth between them. That’s when the stepdaughter finally decides that enough is enough! She offers herself up for sex to calm them down and prove once and for all that she loves them BOTH equally!


November 17 – Caught Fapping – Sorority Scandal

This month’s MUST SEE scene for all the Girlsway fans. The chemistry between Heart and Wright is unbearable!

Featuring: Chanell Heart, Whitney Wright

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: College student Chanell has found a way to relieve the stress of finals: fapping! Horrified, her sorority sister Whitney sees her self-care routine from the front yard and when she comes inside the house, Chanell teaches her a great new way to relax. Sorority sisters Chanell and Whitney are always there for each other, especially when Chanell confesses that another sister has been upset that she’s fapping too loudly lately. Embarrassed and feeling it’s a little hypocritical to complain about fapping since girls are always bringing their boyfriends home to fuck, Chanell stays home during a big fundraiser event. With the house to herself, she takes full advantage by fapping in the living room, except that Whitney has come back earlier than expected. Unable to take her eyes off Chanell, she joins in and learns a new arm of studying: self love!


November 22 – Pure Taboo – How To Get Ahead

Popular trans performer Korra Del Rio is up to no good. And it’s exactly how we want it!

Featuring: Korra Del Rio, Pierce Paris, Dale Savage (Non-Sex Cameo)

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: A low-level employee runs into his boss’ wife visiting the office and tries to make friendly conversation with her. It’s awkward because he seems interested in trans women but doesn’t know how to conduct himself around them (or her). Things get even worse when the wife changes the topic and the employee learns secondhand that his boss is scamming the company. Although the employee doesn’t speak up at the time, he goes to the boss’ house days later to confront him. The employee issues an ultimatum – give him what he wants (the wife) or put his career in jeopardy. Furious at her husband for putting them in a no-win situation, she cuckolds him by turning to the employee to resolve this matter once and for all.


November 23 – Pure Taboo – Pushover

Two words: Kit Mercer.

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Featuring: Kit Mercer, Alex Jett, Jimmy Broadway (cuck)

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A recently remarried man will do anything to please his demanding new wife. He is given a shock when his son (the wife’s stepson) comes home from college and the wife secretly tells her husband that she wants to have sex with his son. The man is disgusted, but too much of a pushover to deny her anything. When the son finds out what his father agreed to, he reveals that he always resented his father for being so spineless, and eagerly has sex with his stepmother because he believes his father deserves to have this happen to him.


November 25 – Devil’s Film – Big Tit Office Chicks #07

Will Seth Gamble live up to avid teen model Skylar Vox? It’s a clash of the titans!

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Featuring: Skylar Vox, Seth Gamble

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: Writer Seth Gamble is hard at work on his new novel when his beautiful assistant Skylar Vox comes in to check on him to see if he needs anything. Seth can barely concentrate, unable to tear his eyes away from Skylar’s incredible breasts. Skylar eventually leaves, and Seth does his best to focus and get back to work.

But when Skylar comes back in a little later, Seth’s eyes are again drawn to her body. Seth’s jaw drops as he blurts out to her that her tits are AMAZING. He immediately apologizes for being so inappropriate, but it turns out there’s no apology needed, since Skylar has had her eyes on Seth too.

Good luck getting any work done now, Seth!


November 26 – Web Young – Multiplication Tables

What goes on under the table stays under the table. Will they be caught?

Featuring: Liz Jordan, Haley Reed

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A mother is frustrated about her teen daughter’s grades since it doesn’t seem private tutoring is helping. The teen promises that she’ll do better if she keeps the tutor around and, despite her reservations, the mother agrees to give them a second chance. When the tutor arrives, everything seems normal… until the mom is out of sight. Like two magnets, the teen and her tutor collide, getting frisky behind the mother’s back. Each time the mother happens by, they have to get clever to avoid being caught, like hiding under the dining table. But it doesn’t help that they BOTH love the idea of being so risky!


November 27 – Mommy’s Girl – Our Overbearing Parents

Four of the hottest models in the industry are having fun with each other. Here is a warm-up not to be missed. Just in time for the coming winter!

Featuring: Jessie Saint, Daya Knight, Ebony Goddess Mystique, Christie Stevens

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Two straight daughters are tired of their lesbian stepmoms pressuring them to be gay. They decide to teach the moms a lesson by not only pretending to be gay, but coming onto the STEPMOMS. But their plan backfires when the stepmoms are actually receptive to their daughters’ advances, much to their surprise.


November 28 – True Lesbian – Bad Reputation

An Adult Time Original directed by Bree Mills.

Featuring: April Olsen, Jane Wilde

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Sarah, an attractive 18-year old, exits her modest home and says goodbye to her family inside.  She is the quintessential gamer nerd who can only afford to attend the elite school because of a scholarship, and she is just about to graduate at the top of her class.  But she’s never fit in with the other girls at school.  She’s into literature, D&D, and tattoos. She’s not part of the cheer squad.  And she doesn’t want a boyfriend.  She then meets Andy, the daughter of the school president…

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2 years ago

In the “What’s Coming in November” banner image, why are some titles in blue?

Eric | Adult Time
Eric | Adult Time
Reply to  user_24268876
2 years ago

These are episodes that we think our members should dig into.

Reply to  Eric | Adult Time
2 years ago

Gotcha, thanks Eric!