What’s Coming In January 2023

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in January 2023. We hope you enjoy them!


January 3 – Kiss Me / Fuck Me – Gay’s Anatomy

Why watch? A sensual scene for lovers of sex between men.

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Featuring: Zario Travezz, Brogan

Content type: Gay

Synopsis: Dr. Brogan is in the medical office when his boyfriend, Zario Travezz, peeks inside. Brogan is pleased by the visit since they haven’t had a chance to see each other recently, due to them both being so busy. But lucky for Brogan, Zario is popping by on his lunch break AND intends to take the rest of the day off… which means now they’ll FINALLY have some quality time together.

It’s not long before their yearning for closeness takes over as they lose themselves in erotic caresses and sensual kisses. Once their clothes come off and they completely surrender to their passion, it seems like their relationship is well on the way to getting a clean bill of health!


January 4 – Transfixed – Driver’s Ed-ache

Why watch? There’s nothing better than angry sex!

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Featuring: Whitney Wright, Erica Cherry, Siouxsie Q (cameo)

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Two hotheaded women are in trouble with the law after a road rage incident and have to take a court-ordered driver’s education course. When they arrive, they are shocked to see each other in the same class, which leads to them aggressively confronting each other and ripping each other’s clothes. The heated confrontation soon turns into a lustful one as they decide to take out their frustrations the old-fashioned way – with sex!


January 5 – Pure Taboo – The Inheritance

Why watch? A dream duo: Calvert and Owens.

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Featuring: Casey Calvert, Paige Owens, Siouxsie Q (cameo)

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A woman’s mother dies, and the mother’s will states that she is to be given a monthly income if she takes care of her mother’s pet. The woman begrudgingly agrees to the terms and she is given a key. But when she arrives at her mother’s house, she is shocked to discover that the “pet” is actually a lady, and the key is for unlocking her chastity belt. Even though the woman is straight, she is convinced to find out all the things her new pet can do…


January 8 – Jerk Buddies – Packing Some Morning Wood There, Buddy?

Why watch? The second hardest thing is getting out of bed in the morning… 😉

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Featuring: Roman Todd, Michael Boston

Content type: Gay

Synopsis: When two jocks wake up from a sleepover, they discover that they both have erections. Rather than sneak off to masturbate alone, they decide to do it in the room under their blankets. Getting more and more aroused, and in denial of their horniness for each other, they come up with excuses to escalate the situation until they begin to jerk EACH OTHER off. Finally, caught up in the moment and losing all their inhibitions, they go all the way, having hardcore sex. 


January 9 – How Women Orgasm – Avery Black

Why watch? A genuine and sweet solo love session to remember with Avery.

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Featuring: Avery Black

Content type: Solo

Synopsis: The female orgasm is intense, mysterious and beautiful. So, as part of our candid study of masturbation, we invited fan-favorite Avery Black! 


January 11 – Mommy’s Boy – There’s No “I” In Pregnancy

Why watch? Oups! THAT’s a different kind of knock-up.

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Featuring: Cory Chase, Codey Steele, Laney Grey (cameo)

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A pregnant couple is growing annoyed at the husband’s stepmom constantly meddling. The stepmom keeps pushing prenatal classes on them, finally opting to show them some techniques herself. The couple agree, in order to get the stepmom out of their hair, but the wife has trouble with her teaching style. As sparks unexpectedly fly between the stepmom and the husband, the wife becomes jealous and uncomfortable. After the wife leaves, the husband and his stepmom have energetic sex — and don’t stop even after they’re caught by the wife!


January 15 – Modern-Day Sins – Cum Gluttons: Try Not To Cum Challenge

Why watch? We’re celebrating Modern-Day Sins’ first year with various initiatives (stay tuned) and squirting!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Emma Hix, Nathan Bronson, Rocky Emerson, Vanna Bardot

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A boyfriend and girlfriend love each other dearly, but the boyfriend keeps cumming too early during sex. The boyfriend says it’s because he loves the girlfriend so much that he gets too excited, so the girlfriend enlists two female friends to help him focus on sex as a pleasurable activity instead of attaching too many emotions to it. They have a steamy foursome where he has to try hard not to cum until he gets all three women to squirt. When he eventually proves that he’s up to the challenge – making the women cum and swallowing a nice helping of their squirt – he unleashes a cum facial onto his girlfriend as all three ladies hungrily cum-swap and cum-swallow.


January 15 – Girlsway – Role Models: When Sparks Fly

Why watch? Who can be jaded with Serene Siren?

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Featuring: Serene Siren, Freya Parker

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: An electrician takes a trainee under her wing for an apprenticeship. As they work together, the electrician gives the trainee a reality check about how hard it can be to succeed in their career as a woman. But the trainee isn’t deterred, showing every bit the same determination and confidence as the electrician. This causes sparks to fly as they come together for passionate sex.


January 20 – Couple Swapping – Social Chemistry

Why watch? The fun in swapping is usually of the naughty kind.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Brooklyn Gray, Anna Claire Clouds, John Legendary, Derrick Pierce

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A couple, Anna Claire Clouds and John Legendary, return home from a double date with another couple, Derrick Pierce and Brooklyn Gray. Both couples agree that the movie they just watched together was good, but now it’s time for the REAL fun to begin, because these couples have open relationships! They talk about how hard it is to find other couples who are into all of the same things they are, so it’s great that they found each other. Now that everyone’s warmed up, it’s time for this steamy foursome to get even sexier!


January 22 – Switch: Embodiment

Why watch? A new 2-part project from the mind of Adult Time Ambassador Lauren Phillips, in her directorial debut. ‘Switch’ explores the complicated subtleties of BDSM role-switching, from dominant to submissive.

Featuring: Victoria Voxxx, Casey Calvert

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: One day, Victoria Voxxx finds an erotic book and steals it away out of curiosity. As she reads it, she becomes enraptured by the BDSM nature of it and how intensely the submissive woman within its pages experiences raw pleasure. Victoria finds herself endlessly daydreaming about what that would feel like, which starts to affect her everyday life and eventually leads to her seeking therapy. Victoria is bashful when she meets Dr. Casey Calvert. They begin discussing Victoria’s fantasies and Dr. Calvert quickly realizes that, as a licensed kink-aware therapist and sex surrogate, she can help Victoria live out these secret desires.


January 23 – The Yes List – Never Assume

Why watch? Realistic hookup situations where the characters naturally integrate consent conversations into their build up before the sex scene.

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Featuring: Seth Gamble, Ryan Reid, Jay Romero (Non-Sex)

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A new couple (Seth Gamble and Ryan Reid) go on a few dates, having a good time and definitely attracted to each other. Transition to present day, Seth’s roommate (Jay Romero) tells him that he discovered sexy modeling pics of Ryan online. Jay shows Seth explicit photos from her profile and eggs Seth on to do a bunch of macho and degrading things with her when they hook up, telling Seth that must be the type of girl Ryan is. Later that day when Ryan comes over, things heat up quickly, but Seth can’t shake his roommate’s advice. He starts trying to get aggressive, until Ryan stops him. Feeling guilty, he backs off immediately. She tells him what she’s into and how it’s not what he’s doing. He apologizes and confesses what he had found out. They discuss it candidly and, throughout the conversation, acknowledge their boundaries and what they’re into. After that, they have genuinely hot sex together, including kissing and deepthroating. In the end, they agree that it’s way better to be up front about how they feel and discuss things in person than to assume.


January 26 – Girlsway – Thought Exercise

Why watch? You know what they say about exercise? Stay hydrated and have fun!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Jayden Cole, Jezabel Vessir

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: A woman and her girlfriend are seeing a therapist, because the woman is prudish while the girlfriend is sexually frustrated. The therapist proposes a thought exercise where the woman will imagine and describe various sex acts with her eyes covered, reasoning that it will help her feel more comfortable with trying those sex acts someday. But as the unsuspecting woman talks about sex with her eyes covered, the girlfriend and the therapist have sex, mischievously performing the actions that the woman describes!


January 27 – Accidental Gangbang – Shoulders To Cry On

Why watch? Gangbang. Need we say more?

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Rebel Rhyder, Dorian Del Isla, Mike Mancini, Jack Vegas, Celtic Iron, Jamie Knoxx, Air Thugger

Content type: Straight

Synopsis: A down-on-her-luck girl is spending the day in bed, feeling depressed after having been dumped. To her surprise, a bunch of her nerdy, adoring male friends arrive to cheer her up. Most of the guys start doing her chores for her but one guy stays behind to chat with her. To his amazement, she comes on to him and they start hooking up. The other guys start noticing, and when she invites them all to join in as a way to repay them for their kindness, they gangbang her with delight.


January 29 – True Lesbian – I Brought This For You: A Serene Siren Story

Why watch? True Lesbian is a high quality series that leaves no one indifferent.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Serene Siren, Ana Foxxx

Content type: Lesbian

Synopsis: Serene had always gotten the vibe that Ana might be bi, but she’d never seen Ana really do anything with another woman. Serene had kissed women in the past, but never anything with Ana. They’d always just been friends. But now Ana hops up, turns on some music, and begins sexily dancing for Serene, hinting that tonight will be different. After the seductive dancing, Ana takes a dildo out of her purse. Serene is shocked, asking Ana what she’s doing with that thing in her purse… does she just go everywhere masturbating at parties? Ana laughs and says that no, she doesn’t do that. Ana just assumed that she was going to end up at Serene’s place tonight, and she’s been waiting for them to have some time alone without any boyfriends in the way. Ana sticks out her tongue and slowly licks the dildo from bottom to top, then looks at Serene and says “I brought this for you!”


January 30 – Oopsie! – Extreme Pickups – Good Samaritan

Why watch? Oopsie! ends the month with a bit of spice and kink for the naughtiest among us.

Featuring: Crystal Thayer, Eva Maxim, Sophia Burns

Content type: Trans

Synopsis: Part reality show, part sex circus – EXTREME PICKUPS combines realistic hookup encounters with really raunchy sex acts! In the pilot episode, two friends go cruising and pick up a stranger to hook up with. After getting flirtatious in the backseat of their car, they invite her to come back with them to play.

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1 year ago

Where is the oopsie scene with Eva maxim Crystal thayer? (30 January)

Eric Falardeau
Eric Falardeau
Reply to  user_123345
1 year ago

Out today!