What are Adult Time Pilots?

The release of Bambi Fontaine’s Midnight Stories marks the launch of a new channel: Adult Time Pilots!

This unique initiative aims to test new ideas and offer content that goes beyond the more traditional frameworks of adult entertainment. It will be a testing ground for us to gauge the interest and the viability of concepts.

For the few of you that have been with us for a long time, you might remember that we used to do Girlsway and Fantasy Massage pilots back in the day, and that these test concepts are what made series like “Sharing The Bed” and “The Business Of Women” a reality.

Your opinion and appreciation will be decisive in the production (or not) of new episodes for these series. Therefore, we will be closely monitoring the results of each pilot and prompt users to give us feedback in various forms.

We have such sights to show you!


And now, a quick word about our first pilot, Bambi Fontaine’s Midnight Stories

Well… It’s time to go to bed… And what’s better than a story to put you in the mood? Leave it to the great storyteller of everything lustful and taboo: Bambi Fontaine!  With her in charge, the sweet tales of wonder are full of sex, but also twists and surprisingly educational payoffs. It’s bedtime stories for adults! 

Bambi is taking you on a ride as we dive into a stylish, sensual art style, reminiscent of the 60s and 70s pop graphic art. The most explicit sexual encounters will turn into gorgeous animated illustrations, without forgetting to turn the audience on. 

“Being a storyteller of sex stories is a field of exploration of my erotic imagination, a unique opportunity to share certain obsessions and mental images which, carried by my drawings, come to life in a very personal, almost indiscreet form. It’s an invitation into the privacy of my little pornography.”

Let us know what you think about this new episode and all upcoming pilots! 

For more from Bambi Fontaine and Bobbypills, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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2 years ago

Liebe Erwachsene Zeit, vielen Dank für die Möglichkeit, hier im Blog zu schreiben. Eine wirklich sehr gute Idee, weil die Community-Funktion nicht mehr möglich ist.

Sorry, um ehrlich zu sein, ich bin kein Fan von Animationsfilmen. Ich bevorzuge die echten Filme.

Ich stelle fest, dass es eine Menge Unzufriedenheit mit Pure Taboo wegen der Geschichten gibt. Menschen, die unzufrieden sind, sollten die Möglichkeit haben, ihre eigenen Geschichten zu schreiben und sie auch einzureichen.

Vielen Dank. Alles Gute.

Haben Sie eine sehr schöne und gesunde Zeit.

2 years ago

Also, any hints on upcoming pilot efforts?

Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Reply to  Gooch
2 years ago

Here are some of the ideas for the lesbian pilots (keep in kind they are only a fraction of the total pilot list, that will include BG content as well)

Lez Be Bad: extreme/hardcore lesbian series
Nerdy Girlfriends: nerdy sex between gamer girls or geeky ones
Kawaii Cute: cute colorful bubbly girls with colored hairs
Doctor Exams: same sex medical exam, heavily body-focused
Unparental Guidance: family roleplay threesomes

Reply to  Frank Stacy | Adult Time
2 years ago

Hey now! That’s the hot tip there – those all sound great to me.

I am super hoping that Lez Be Bad is a smash hit, as I’m dying for that sort of content, big time. Here’s hoping things get dialed right straight to 11!

Also, I am keenly interested in Kawaii Cute, that sounds amazing too. The description with the colors, the title … I think it could be smoking hot.

The others ate fine, though if done well Unparental Guidance should be another big time hit.

Thanks for the sneak peek of some stuff in the pipeline, and, like you said, best of all, it’s only a fraction and there’s B/G content to consider too!

Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Reply to  Gooch
2 years ago

If we can find the proper crew and the proper casting, I also have high hopes for something like Lez Be Bad. I always agreed with you that hardcore girl-on-girl content was somewhat of a rarity and I’d love to at least get to test it out on Adult Time.

Reply to  Frank Stacy | Adult Time
2 years ago

Wow, all of these sound like winners!

2 years ago

Did not care for Bambi Fontaine’s Midnight Stories. Overall, I personally have little interest in animation.

I do have lots of interest in many other things, including transwomen making love with other transwomen, filmed up in a way to lovingly showcase their full bodies. And you have a great example of that in today, 6/19’s update on Grooby, from Tgirls.porn, filmed by Radius Dark.


Radius is one of the best directors of transwomen content out there, he truly shows them off in all their glorious beauty, head to toe, and more often than not gets them fully nude. And best of all? They know how to show off their barefeet – The Pose during BJ, other angles that make sure to keep them in frame, Radius is a great director because they listen to what the fans ask them to film up and show.

So what am I proposing?

I want to see an Adult Time Pilot that partners Adult Time with Grooby, with director Radius Dark at the helm, filming up a scene, or scenes, for a pilot, of transwomen making love with other transwomen. You have Transfixed, yes. You have Transgressive, yes. You don’t have one that features just transwomen with other transwomen as an exclusive. With Radius’s filming eye, I imagine this would be something that truly focuses on showing off all the lovely ladies glorious sights.

I think it’d be a runaway hit, both the collaboration (Adult Time and Grooby) but also the resultant product.

What two transwomen would you all like to see paired together for a pilot?

Screenshot from 2021-06-19 14-07-51.png
Last edited 2 years ago by Gooch