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Innovating Intimacy: How Is Porn Evolving (And Us With It)?

Written by Frank Stacy Porn has changed a lot across the decades. Some of those changes might be surface-level – higher video quality, new flavor-of-the-month trends and tropes, the stars of yesteryear retire as new starlets rise up to take their place… …but other changes are more quietly impactful and reflective of cultural shifts: a […]

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Adult Time’s New Model Podcast Series Has Launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Adult Time’s first original podcast series, “Get UP CLOSE With Bree Mills“. Join host Bree Mills as she delves into the intimate worlds of some of the industry’s brightest stars, as they share inspiring insights, stories, and experiences centered around sexuality, wellness, and empowerment. Drawing inspiration from Lex […]

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Adult Time Unveils Up Close: A New Studio Focused on Female Pleasure

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Up Close, our newest original studio. Up Close is a groundbreaking gonzo brand that focuses on female pleasure, placing women’s sexual desires and experiences at the forefront. “As a creator, I’ve been exploring the unscripted space since 2018 when we first launched our We Like Girls series, but […]

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