Pride Month – A Letter From Bree

Bree Pride Month

A few weeks ago, I reached out to many of my industry peers to collect messages of hope and the importance of diversity in honor of PRIDE month. On behalf of Adult Time, I wanted to shine a spotlight on their voices and reinforce the importance of tolerance and acceptance to everyone that our platform interacts with. I was humbled by the beautiful comments and important statements made by my friends and colleagues, which included people from all backgrounds and life experiences.

It reminded me of just how special and strong our community is, especially when we raise our voices together to make a change. My intention was to release this video on June 1st, the first day of PRIDE. But, watching the tragic events that have unfolded in the last week (which are only the most recent examples of deeply-rooted systemic issues), I no longer felt comfortable releasing our message without new reflection.

The concept of PRIDE is rooted in protest. It is rooted in deep systemic issues of phobia, discrimination, and hatred. Despite the 21st century commercialization and corporate sponsorships, it still centers around a community of people who have historically not shared the same rights and, despite progress, must continue to fight for them daily, no matter how many rainbows we wear. One of the most prominent figures in the Stonewall Riots, hailed by most LGBTQ+ as the inception of the gay rights movement, was an African-American transgender woman named Marsha P. Johnson.

This is incredibly important for us to remember. There would be no gay rights without black rights or trans right or women’s rights or human rights. Our job as a people is to stand together in PRIDE and UNITY and push back against the oppression that plagues us. This month, we have more reason to come together than perhaps ever before.

Adult Time will continue to stand in support of all the performers of color we are fortunate to to work with, by not accepting skewed rates or casting performers solely based on the color of their skin. We will continue to empower performers to write and create their own stories on our platform, to use our creative space to express themselves and discuss serious issues. One of the most important conversations I have ever had in my career was with three well-respected actors of color on the set of our pilot Taking The First Step.

I had come to them openly wanting to create a piece that would avoid fetishization and offer positive representation of black people within an adult short film. I was sick of seeing one-sided portrayals and hearing people talk about racism in our industry without doing anything about it, so I wanted to see what we could do through content itself. But, mostly, I came to listen.

And these three strong and talented individuals were extremely open to talk to me about where my intentions were positive and, also, where I could improve my thought process. It wasn’t about creating one positive film. It wasn’t about creating one positive series featuring people of color. It wasn’t about using PC terminology. It was about the importance of inclusion. Overall inclusion. Not just on the surface or when it is topical. We must ensure that people of color, both male and female, are offered the same opportunities as any other performer in our industry.

To be cast in roles that have nothing to do with skin tone. To be considered because of the quality of their acting, their professionalism, and their performance skills. To be given visibility as equals, even in the face of trolls and bigots who flood social media and video comments. This is what is the most important.

These words have resonated with me every day since and need to be repeated here: OUR INDUSTRY MUST SUPPORT INCLUSIVITY. While I am proud of the steps our platform has taken when it comes to inclusivity, I will also pledge to do better. To make sure that we continue to champion these causes and closely examine any areas where we may be failing. This is an ongoing promise and one I hope will inspire ongoing conversations.

In addition to donating to the Los Angeles LGBT Center this year for PRIDE, Adult Time will be issuing a contribution to the Black Visions Collective, a queer-positive organization dedicated to dismantling systems of oppression and shifting public discourse to create transformative change.

This year, the rainbow must extend to support all of us seeking a better future, regardless of orientation, color, sex, body shape, religion, or culture. #BeProud #UnitedWeStand

With love and respect,
– Bree

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3 years ago

If your talent was a light, we’d all be blind..!!! keep up your awsome work. Mary E.

3 years ago

Hi, Bree!
just want to compliment you on your great achievement with Teenage Lesbian, a truly human take that raises the erotic to art that resonates in the soul.
Thank you!