MUSES: Victorian Luxury with Emma Rose

In an homage to Victorian excess, a beautiful queen (Emma) waits patiently in her bridal chamber for her princess charming (April) to arrive and woo her in a sexy versatile encounter!

“It’s the opportunity to creatively collaborate that I love the most,” said Rose. “Some companies try to do it, but Adult Time is really setting the bar.”

“Every time I see Emma, I am in awe of her star power. She is beautiful, smart, and savvy – and such a hard worker, she really inspires me to take ownership of my brand and go for it,” added Olsen, who was hand-picked by Rose as her scene partner. “Working with her on Muses was a dream, it was as if the set was built around her…someone needs to be fanning that woman and feeding her grapes 24/7! Maybe I’ll sign up for that job, actually.”

“MUSES is all about showcasing the amazing talent we work with here at Transfixed and offering them complete creative control. When Emma brought her Bridgerton-inspired idea, our entire team was ecstatic to help bring it to life. And her chemistry with April was off the charts! Kudos to this talented duo, my co-producer Stella Smut, and her fabulous crew on this exceptional release!” Added director Bree Mills, who also serves as Chief Creative Officer at Adult Time. 

Watch the scene now!

To learn more about MUSES, follow @transfixedcom and @Adulttimecom on Twitter for more info and production news.

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1 year ago

This scene is good love the pair, cons the damn peg.
New scene “Speed Dating” are shits, full bottom should be Cherry and Melanie. C’mon full bottom should have big boobs, dammit.