Kiara Cole Interview

Kiara Cole Interview

Hello! How are you doing? How are you holding up in this quarantine/COVID world?

Hi! I’m doing great. I am holding up pretty well here in Arizona. Masturbating a lot and working from home.

Congrats on your upcoming Super Horny Fun Time show coming up today on Adult Time! What do you have planned for your show today?

It’s such an honor to be chosen to participate in Adult Time’s Super Horny Fun Time show! I can’t wait to talk and interact with the fans on there. I love to get naughty and tease during live shows so I’ll be wearing some of my sexiest lingerie while I answer their questions, ask them all kinds of questions, and maybe… I’ll even let them choose what toys I play with and what positions they want to see me in.

What do you like most about doing solo masturbation shows like this one? Do you have toys that you swear by or are your fingers and hands plenty?

I love doing solo masturbation shows like these! It’s always fun to start by teasing the viewers. I like to get them all excited by telling them what I have planned. First I might use my fingers to get a little dirty. Then see if they want to see me stuff and fuck myself with some toys. Introduce the dildos and vibrators- big, small, double sided, and let them choose!

What is your favorite Adult Time scene that you have done to date?

My favorite Adult Time scene of my own would have to be the one with Cory Chase directed by Craven Moorehead where I was babysitting and everything is going wrong, so I call Cory, my step mom, to come save me, and she uses the sexual energy we have to comfort me. I really had fun with her and the crew that day- everybody was so easy and great to work with!

What channel would you most like to do a scene for that you haven’t yet?

BubbleGum Dungeon is a super cute fun bondage website on Adult Time with Joanna Angel and Small Hands that I would LOVE to work/collaborate with!

If instead of a solo scene, you could do a scene with any other porn star, who would you choose?

I think Riley Reid and I would have a lot of fun together!

Let’s say you could have a celebrity for that sex scene, what star would you like to fuck?

I love Jimmy Fallon and think he is so funny. His reaction to me and Riley trying to seduce him would be absolutely hilarious and sexy at the same time.

What have you found yourself spending more time doing during this time?

Filming, fucking, and camping!

What are the first three things that you want to do once things are relatively back to normal?

Shoot some amazing scenes with my favorite performers. Take a vacation out of the country to spend time on beautiful beaches and enjoy other cultures. Hang out with my grandma.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you to all my fans, I love and appreciate your support like no other! You guys show me so much love. I couldn’t thank you all enough and I can’t wait to get back to shooting more amazing scenes for you all! Until then, keep jerking off to me and don’t miss my LIVE show on Adult Time’s Super Horny Fun Time!

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