Jane Wilde and Kenna James are True Kindred Spirits

Kenna James was on Jane Wilde’s yes list. So, naturally, we had to pair the two for a True Lesbian scene. Directed by Bree Mills, “Kindred Spirits” sees newly out lesbian Jane Wilde moving to the city. When a friend convinces her to go to a party attended by bohemian/new age-y type people,  she is skeptical that she’ll enjoy it. But, when Kenna James gets up and reads a poem she wrote, Jane is instantly entranced by her words. 

Here’s a peek at the poem:



Jane and Kenna have undeniable chemistry on and off screen. We can’t wait for you all to see poetry in motion with this scene.

A word from the director:

“Such a beautiful day on set for True Lesbian today with Jane Wilde, Kenna James and extras Alexia Anders, Chanell Heart, and Leda Lotharia. […] Probably the best lesbian sex scene I’ve seen in a long time.”  –Bree Mills

Here’s what the stars had to say:



“Kindred Spirits” also features Leda Lotharia, Chanell Heart and Alexia Anders

Here are some BTS shots!



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