It’s fun to be caught together in Teen Sneaks!

Come enjoy Teen Sneaks, our new Adult Time Original series with screenplays focusing on young straight or lesbian characters having sex while trying to hide it from other off-screen characters nearby.

Dating couples, best friends, classmates, part-time job coworkers, tag-alongs stuck waiting with nothing to do, or even complete strangers find themselves alone in a room together… while their parents, friends, bosses, or other unseen characters are doing something in another room just off-screen. They’ll have to be sneaky, making sure that they are partially hidden and don’t make too much noise while they have some fun!

You can watch the first episode entitled Don’t Tell Your Parents now. Upcoming episodes to be released in February will star Gabbie Carter, Blake Blossom, Eliza Ibarra, Tyler Cruise, and McKenzie Lee (cameo).

What do you think of Don’t Tell Your Parents?

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