Introducing Isiah Maxwell: New Adult Time Brand Ambassador

We’re thrilled to announce that the renowned performer and beloved Isiah Maxwell has officially become a part of Adult Time’s Ambassador team. With over 140 releases on Adult Time, Isiah brings a wealth of experience and talent to our platform, solidifying his position as the eighth official Ambassador and the second male talent to join our esteemed roster.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to represent Adult Time, Isiah shared, “I’m grateful for the honor of representing Adult Time. It is a natural fit that our goals and message aligns on community advancements and ethics. I recognize the importance of the opportunity to make an instant impact by supporting better practices through positive influence campaigns. I’m looking forward to working with the entire team.”

As part of this strategic partnership, Isiah will be making regular appearances as talent across various Adult Time studios and series. Additionally, he will be collaborating on original projects with Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills, and playing a vital role in our industry advocacy and brand campaigns.

Bree Mills expressed her excitement about working with Isiah, stating, “Isiah has always been at the very top of every female talent’s yes lists and he is an absolute joy to work with on set. His professionalism, quiet confidence, and ability to lead by example really strikes a chord with me. I cannot wait to work alongside him to help bring his creative ideas to life and elevate our industry!”

To stay updated on Isiah’s role as an Adult Time Brand Ambassador, you can follow him on X @isiahmaxwell and visit his official Adult Time Model Page.

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